sugar daddy

Hayley Roberts was just a normal woman. But, when she spends 3 years with 1 direction, she makes they biggest mistake of her life. Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall could possible be the father of her child. The only question is: Who? When her boyfriend kicks her out she turns to the only people who love her still: One Direction...
But is moving back in with them the safest move to make?? How will they take the news of her being pregnant??
Find out in who's the father?


44. 41. Ruth and Danny...

My sisters were the first to leap to their feet.

"Married?"they chorused. I didn't. know if they were excited or disappointed.

"Yeah..."I said smiling.

"Married?!"screeched Ms Roberts.

"Mum, I can explain-"

"You don't have to. I'm taking you away this instant."Ms Roberts growled grabbing her arm.

I fought her off Hayley and pulled her behind me so I was in front. I couldn't let her go. She is my fiancé. I can't bear being away from her.

"Hayley! Get here now. I'm calling your father. He's only in the car."

"Why didn't he come in?"Hayley asked.

"Told him not to."

Hayley's face was full of anger and sadness and pain.

Ms Roberts dialled the numbers.

"Hello? Yep. Come in. Shut up! Get your ass in here now you jerk!"

He burst through the door and ran up to Hayley.

"What's going on."

"She's getting married."


"She's getting MARRIED! And she's pregnant."she screamed.

"Relax. Hayley, I'm so happy for you."his face softened.

"Thanks daddy."she said, sweetly.

Ruth spoke up.

"Hi, Mrs Roberts?"

"Ms."Ms Roberts growled.

"Ms Roberts. I'm Ruth. And, I think it's probably best if you go. You seem to be very stressed which is bring tears to our eyes. Go calm down.

Just a thought."she said sweetly.

"Thanks Ruth. Mom?"said Hayley from behind me, poking her head on my shoulder. I kissed her and she silently giggled.

"You bitch, you can't talk to me like that! Who do you think I am?"yelled Ms Roberts pointing at Ruth.

"I swear to god I'll....kill you in your sleep! Each and EVERY one of you! Especially the curly bitch."she said referring to Ruth.

Ruth was taken aback. She looked as if she had been stabbed in the heart twice. She was lost for words.

"Don't you dare talk her like that."Nicola, I and Mum screamed.

"Get her out of my face!"yelled Hayley.

Her father nodded at me and we dragged her out.

He threw her in the back of his car and locked the doors.

We walked back in.

"Congratulations."he tried to say as seriously as possible.

I tried to keep the laughter of Ms Roberts outburst in. But as soon as he cracked up we fell about laughing.

"Danny Williams. Nice to meet you."he smiled.

"Liam Payne."I said warming up to him.

We walked back and Hayley ran up to me.

I warped her up in my arms and kissed her.

"I love you so much, Liam."she whispered .

" I love you more."I whispered back.

"Not possible."she said smiling.

"I am so happy for you guys."said Ruth.

"Thanks."said Hayley.

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