sugar daddy

Hayley Roberts was just a normal woman. But, when she spends 3 years with 1 direction, she makes they biggest mistake of her life. Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall could possible be the father of her child. The only question is: Who? When her boyfriend kicks her out she turns to the only people who love her still: One Direction...
But is moving back in with them the safest move to make?? How will they take the news of her being pregnant??
Find out in who's the father?


37. 34. Niall!

I was on a very uncomfortable bed.

I heard voices again.

"So, Mr Styles are you sure that's what happened?"

"Yeah, I was there."

I woke up. My eyes were sore but I managed to open one.

"Hayley! Your alive!"

"Of course I am alive! What happened?"

"Well, you saw Niall and passed out."


"Miss Roberts are you ok? How do you feel?"

"I feel fine." I said getting up.

My eyes came into focus.

"Where the hell am I?"


"Where the hell is Liam?"

"He went to get a drink for you when you wake up. He said he'd be back in 5."

"Where's Niall?!"



"John...I tried to stop him but. H-he. Gave Niall a black eye. He twisted his ankle."

"Is he going to be ok?"

"Defiantly. He won't even need crutches or anything. You both are going to be fine. As for Mr Farak. He might not make it."


"I am sorry for your loss?"

"Don't be."

I secretly shot harry a smile.

Liam came rushing in.

"The bloody machines. Ate my chang- Hayley!"

Liam threw his arms around me and kissed me.

"I was so scared. Are you ok?"

"Fine. Liam I missed you. I was so scared."

"Don't ever pass out again! You petrified me."

I smiled.


"Nurse Montaz."

"Nurse Montaz, can I go?"

"I need to ask you a few questions."

I nodded.

"Do you smoke?"


"Do you drink?"

"Not heavily. A little on a special occasion. Nothing serious."

"Do you do drugs?"


"Do you have parents?"

"Yes, a mom."

"Are you pregnant?"

I looked at Liam.


"How many weeks?"


"Ok come back in 3 weeks."

I smiled.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Yes. Me."Liam stood up.

"Do you have any siblings?"

"A little sister and an older brother."

"Who is the father?"

I closed my eyes.

"Miss Roberts? Who is the father to your baby?"

"I don't know." I whispered softly.


"I don't know."

"So you want me to do a DNA test?"

My heart skipped a beat.

"Could you give us a minute?"

I asked harry where Zayn and Niall were. He guided me to a bed behind curtains.

"Niall? How you holding up?"

"Ok."he smiled.

I touched his hand.

"Boys, the nurse asked me if I wanted a DNA test. What do you want?"

Zayn looked at Niall visa vis.

"Do it."they both said at exactly the same time.

"Harry, Liam?"

Liam touched my waist.

"I want you to do it."he whispered.


"Go ahead. I want you too."

I said bye to Zayn and Niall.

I looked the nurse in the eye.

"DNA test?"


"Ok you need a scan." Come with me to the baby room please. Bring one person."

"Liam you go."said haz. "I'll wait with Niall."

He nodded and Liam held my hand.

The nurse had me in a gown and put me on a chair. She led me down and rubbed jelly on my tummy. She looked at her laptop and spoke to another doctor.

"DNA this result. We need to know the father."

The man carried the clipboard and explained the results with come within 2 days.

"Ok can we go now."

"Yes sign your name here and you are free to leave. I signed and changed into my clothes.

"Let's go."I said.

"Is Niall free to go to?"I asked.

"He left about five minutes ago. Haz texted me."explained Liam.

We got back and it was quite late still. Liam got changed as did I into a top and shorts.

"Hayley?"Liam said as we were in bed.

"Yeah?"I said turning around.

"Even if the baby isn't mine. I want to raise it and be with you and have a family. I don't care if it was someone else's. I just want to be with you. I want to be a dad. But I want you and a family and a proper life more than anything."

I looked at him.

"Good. Me too."

I fell asleep and he did too. He had his hands on my bum. He was kissing me to sleep. Very romantic. He fell asleep too in the end.

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