sugar daddy

Hayley Roberts was just a normal woman. But, when she spends 3 years with 1 direction, she makes they biggest mistake of her life. Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall could possible be the father of her child. The only question is: Who? When her boyfriend kicks her out she turns to the only people who love her still: One Direction...
But is moving back in with them the safest move to make?? How will they take the news of her being pregnant??
Find out in who's the father?


15. 15. Louis? And…another girl...

I walked into the kitchen to find Zayn making breakfast.

"Good morning beautiful. How are you?"

"Your in a good mood."

He laughed.

"Who's the breakfast for?" I asked a little confused.

"It's for you."he said and gave me a peck on the cheek.

I sighed and walked into the other room to ask Liam if he wanted a coffee.

"Hey baby."he yawned.


I sat down next to him. He leant up and kissed me good morning.

"What are we doing today then?"

"I don't mind. I need to find Niall first though. It's not like him to walk off. I need to know he is ok."

"We will do that first." I sighed and I felt tears rolling down my cheek. Liam touched my face and for a second I got lost in his eyes. A knock at the door snapped me back to reality.

"Hayley, the door!!"

I changed into some decent clothes, wiped my face and opened the door.

"He- Louis?" I gasped.

He didn't say anything, just pushed past me with something horrible attached to his arm. My ex best friend, Chloe Greene.

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