sugar daddy

Hayley Roberts was just a normal woman. But, when she spends 3 years with 1 direction, she makes they biggest mistake of her life. Zayn, Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall could possible be the father of her child. The only question is: Who? When her boyfriend kicks her out she turns to the only people who love her still: One Direction...
But is moving back in with them the safest move to make?? How will they take the news of her being pregnant??
Find out in who's the father?


14. 14. Summer Love

We were in the car and Liam out the radio on.

Summer love was on. I decided to song along still shedding tears now and then. Liam and Zayn joined it. It was perfect.

"Cause you were mine for the summer

Now we know it's nearly over

Feels like snow in September

But I always will remember

You were my summer love

You always will be my summer love."

I fell asleep in Zayn's arms and he kissed my forehead and carried me into Liam's room and put me to sleep. I woke up and he put me down.

"Cause you were mine for the summer."he sang to me.

"Now we know it's nearly over." I sung back and he smiled at me. I allowed him to kiss me goodnight and he went to bed. I got changed into a tee and shorts and found Liam sat on the sofa in his room.


"Shh. You were my summer love." He sang.

"You always will be my summer love." I sung back to him. And he kissed me.

We got into bed and he got out his laptop.

"Can you do me a favour? Please please put on your film."

"Once..."he said smiling.

He put his arm around me and I snuggled closer to him. Perfect. I fell asleep in the last 5 minutes. Liam shut the laptop. And fell asleep too.

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