The New Boy (Daniel J Fanfic)

This is a story about a new boy called Daniel J, he moves to Scotland and meets a girl called Ana, as time goes on they start to get closer and closer but then something happens with their friendship that could ruin everything.


1. The New Boy Arrives

Ana's P.O.V

*Monday morning*

When I woke up, I done my usual routine, got up got dressed into my school uniform, washed my face and brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, my mum shouted on me to hurry up and leave or I'm going to be late, I walk to school with my best friend Brianna, just as usual chatting away.

*Arrive at school*

"Hey Ashley" said Ana
"Hello" said Ashley
"Actually can't be bother today, ugh we have maths first as well, we will probably get in trouble for laughing from Mr Dunn as usual" said Ana
"I know" Ashley laughs
"Did you hear about that new boy starting today?" said Brianna
"No I never, I never find out anything!" Said Ana

The bell rang, everyone said bye and went to registration class. The tannoy goes off.

'Sorry for the interruption to learning and teaching could Ana Cartmack please report to Mrs Manson's office, thank-you'

I wonder why I'm being called to Mrs Manson's office I think to myself, I get out of my chair and walk to to her office, as soon as I step into her office I notice an unfamiliar but familiar boy, I freeze and stare at him for what feel a few seconds and realise who he is.

"Ana Ana" said Miss Manson
"Sorry Miss, I'm not feeling great today" said Ana
"Do you need to go to the medical room?" Said Miss Manson
"No I will be fine" said Ana

I couldn't help but stare at him, his dark blonde hair and blue eyes, his perfect straight white teeth when he smiles and then it clicks, omg it's Daniel J, why is he at my school? This can't be real.

"Okay well this is Daniel, he is new to this school you are in 3 of his classes so I thought you could show him around then take him to his classes until he gets used to the school" said Miss Manson
"Yes that's fine, Hi Daniel, my names Ana" said Ana
"Hi I'm Daniel" he said

I'm thinking to myself whether or not I should tell him I know who he is, I have butterflies in my stomach my heart is racing, I cannot believe that I am showing Daniel J around my school, I decide not to tell him just yet, I don't want to scare him away.

"So what made you move here?" Said Ana 
"Oh my parents just decided to move up to Scotland" said Daniel
"Oh cool, so this is the the business department, then this is the music department, then just up this corridor is the modern languages..." Said Ana

We walk around, I'm explaining all the rooms and we just chat a little.

"And to finish off this is the maths department, we have this subject first" said Ana
"Thanks" said Daniel
"You're quiet" said Ana
"Uh sorry, I'm just a little nervous being the new boy, I'm just worried I won't fit in" said Daniel
"Don't worry about it you'll be fine, you will make friends in no time" said Ana

The bell for first class rings, everyone is rushing around to get to first class, we are just standing outside the classroom until Mr Dunn comes, we walk into the class room.

"Mr Dunn, this is Daniel, he is new" said Ana
"Hi Daniel, Ana you can go sit down now thanks, so well Daniel you can sit over there with the boys and Caitlin or behind Ana and Ashley beside Jayden or down the front here beside Robert, just choose a seat" said Mr Dunn

Daniel walks up to the back and sits next to Jayden, he is sitting behind me! So the lesson goes on and I am chatting to Ashley as usual, class ends and I walk Daniel to his next class, I then go to my class.

*A few hours later, just before lunch*

"Ehm Ana, I was wondering what you were doing for lunch, it's just I don't have anyone to sit with, I mean it's fine if you don't want me to sit with you and your friends but..." Said Daniel
"I go to the hub with my group of friends, you are more than welcome to sit with us" I said

As we walk to the hub, I go to our usual table and sit down, Rhia, Cara and Ashley are already sitting there.

"Hi, I hope you don't mind I said to Daniel he could sit with us as he's new and that" said Ana
"Sure" everyone laughs
"What?" Said Ana
"Nothing" everyone says in unison 
Brianna comes over and sits down, she looks exceptionally happy.
"Ana, Ana, come to the hub with me now" said Brianna

We walk up to the hub, Brianna is freaking out, she is jumping around and is in hysterics, I try to calm her down and tell her she needs to act normal Daniel doesn't know we know who he is. Lunch finishes and we go to class. School finishes. I see Daniel leaving, I run to catch up with him.

"Are you walking home?" Said Ana
"Yeah, what way do you walk?" Said Daniel
"Just up the back there" said Ana,         *I point in the direction, I am walking*
As we walk home together, chatting away and getting to know each other I decide I should tell him.
"Daniel, I know who you really are, I didn't want to tell you this morning incase you got freaked out, but yeah I am a big fan of you" said Ana nervously
"Wow are you really? You hid that well" said Daniel laughing
"Yeah that isn't weird is it?" Said Ana
"No I'm just shocked I never thought anyone would know who I was here that's why I moved to a smaller town" said Daniel
"Oh haha, so why did you move here, you didn't really say why this morning?" Said Ana
"I'm not really supposed to tell anyone but I'm shooting a music video in Edinburgh so I needed to move here for a while to film it" said Daniel
"Sounds so good, I love your cover of 'She's so perfect' by 5SOS and 'A Girl Like You" said Ana
"Thanks, well this is me, talk to you later Ana bye" said Daniel
"Yeah bye" said Ana

I can't believe it, I am friends with Daniel J, I arrive home and go upstairs to listen to his covers, he truly is amazing, I can't wait to see him again.


Thank-You for reading chapter 1, I hope you have enjoyed it, I will try to update every night or every other night, this is my first time writing a fanfic so please tell me if it is good or what I need to change about it. Please vote, comment and subscribe, thanks💕

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