Hate That I Love You

It's been a few months now that Gabbriella has been in England with Reanne, and the baby. She thought that the problems with Liam would be solve by now and she could be snuggled up with her boyfriend. Speaking of her boyfriend, she hasn't heard one word from him in weeks and she's starting to get very worried. Is it all in her head or does she have reasons to worry? Then out and about on day she runs into a very familiar face working in the coffee shop. When they start to get close again will she start rethinking her own feelings? Will things start to crumble before her eyes or will she find the love she wants? Read.


10. States.

Brie's POV:

I fought the urge to throw up everything in my stomach as we pulled up to the airport. I held onto Niall's arm as we walked inside. Eleanor was in front of us with little Mia glued to her hip. Luke was beside Niall talking to him about the things that we might come to find out back in the states. I on the other hand wanted to throw up again. Everything was starting to become too much for me. I mean think about what I have learned in the last 48 hours. 

There's a girl pregnant, with Harry's child.

Liam is dead. 

Louis is his murderer. 

Zayn isn't my brother. 

Louis is my brother. 

"Are you okay Ella?" Niall asked breaking my thoughts.

"Yeah." I lied. 

We boarded the plane in silence. I sat next to Eleanor and Mia as Niall sat behind us with Luke. Thoughts about everything that I've learned keeps filling my mind. I was worried about everything. I was scared about everything. 


I was woken up by Mia gently shaking me. I flickered my eyes open to realize that we were already back in the states. My chest started to swell with pain as Niall took my hand and lead me off the plane. We drove to Harry's mansion, and with every mile we passed more fear took over my body. When we got to his house I clung to Niall's arm with fear. Luke walked in first and we followed him closely. We heard arguing coming from the den. Then everything came into view. Louis and Zayn were stood up shouting at each other while Harry was no where to be seen. 

"What are you guys doing back here?" Zayn muttered with a sense of fear lingering in his eyes. 

I fought back the tears as I let go of Niall's arm and ran to him. I wrapped my arms around him and tears swarmed out of my eyes and down my cheeks. After a minute he wrapped his arms around my waist comforting me.

"How can you stand to hug him?" Louis spat. I turned my head to look at him. He didn't even look like the Lou I remember. My heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw Harry emerging from the bathroom whipping his mouth. 

"What are you guys doing here?" He muttered.

"We heard what happened." Eleanor said as Mia hid behind her leg. I saw the fear that lingered in her eyes. That same fear was inside me. 

"That I killed Liam?!" Lou snorted which made me sick again.

"Did you really?" Luke muttered.

"What do you think? Hmm?" Lou smirked as I clung to Zayn's chest. "Tell me Brie how can you stand to even look at them let alone hug them?" 

I didn't say a word I just stared at Harry helplessly. 

"They have been there for her Lou! More than you have for anyone." Eleanor spat at him.

"Sorry the last time I checked someone tried to have me murdered!" He retorted angrily. 

"Who would try to kill you?" Luke growled.

"I have two very strong suspects here in this room!" He screamed.

"Oh come on do you really think Harry or Zayn would kill you? What reason would they have to kill you?" Eleanor growled.

"Well lets see, Zayn wanted me out of the picture so he could be the amazing big brother that he thought Gabbriella deserved. And Harry just wanted to make sure that there was no competition for him to win her heart." He smirked as if he had won something.

"That's beyond stupid." I spoke up. 

"Really?" He spat.

"Harry was broken beyond compare when he saw you in that casket!" I yelled as I stared at his feet. For some reason I just couldn't look him in the eye. That feeling of sickness took over my stomach once more as I ran towards the bathroom. Luckily I got there in time to spill my guts. 

After I came out of the bathroom I noticed Louis had left, but so did Eleanor and Mia. That concerned me a bit. Niall and Luke were in the kitchen talking to Harry while Zayn stood in the living room staring out of the window. 

"You shouldn't have come back." He muttered.

"I know.." I mumbled.

"I was worried about you.." 

"I know.." 

He turned to look at me with teary eyes. He pulled me into his arms embracing my small body in his. I felt my chest swell as I buried my face into his chest and tears slipped out of my eyes. 

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