Hate That I Love You

It's been a few months now that Gabbriella has been in England with Reanne, and the baby. She thought that the problems with Liam would be solve by now and she could be snuggled up with her boyfriend. Speaking of her boyfriend, she hasn't heard one word from him in weeks and she's starting to get very worried. Is it all in her head or does she have reasons to worry? Then out and about on day she runs into a very familiar face working in the coffee shop. When they start to get close again will she start rethinking her own feelings? Will things start to crumble before her eyes or will she find the love she wants? Read.


3. Done.

Brie's POV:

"You don't think he's cheating do you?" He asked breaking my thoughts. 

"W-what?" A lump in my throat started to form. "You don't think he is do you?"

"He has that kind of history. But you could be different." He tried to comfort me. 

"I..." I muttered but my phone interrupted me. I picked it up to see that Reanne was calling me. I sighed before answering it. "Hello?"

"Where the hell are you?!" She yelled so loud that even Niall could hear her. 

"Out." I sighed. 

"Get back here with my damn daughter!" She yelled before hanging up on me. 

"That doesn't sound like Reanne...." Niall mumbled. 

"I know right.." I sighed. "Wanna come with?" 

"Sure." He smiled jumping up and grabbing a hold of the stroller. As we walked back to the apartment he was telling me about why he was here. He also told me about his friend, Ed. I smiled as I listened to his stories. As we arrived at the apartment I noticed Reanne was sitting on the porch with a cigarette in her hands. 

"Who the hell told you to take my daughter out of this building?!" She yelled coming towards us.

"Excuse me?! Why don't you take care of your daughter then?!" I retorted.

"I do take care of her!" 

"When?! During the time you leave for days?! Or when you're out partying?!" 

I felt her hand slide across my face causing me to gasp. I placed my hand over where she had slapped. I couldn't believe she actually just slapped me.

"That's it." I stormed up to our apartment and started throwing my clothes in a bag. After I made sure to get all of my things I went back out to them. "Take care of her by yourself. I'm done." I started walking away leaving her stunned. Soon I heard footsteps behind me. I turned my head to see Niall. He grabbed one of my bags with a soft smile.

"Where are you gonna go?" He asked. 

"I have no idea." I sighed. 

"You can stay with me." 

I turned my head to see him softly smiling at me. 

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