Hate That I Love You

It's been a few months now that Gabbriella has been in England with Reanne, and the baby. She thought that the problems with Liam would be solve by now and she could be snuggled up with her boyfriend. Speaking of her boyfriend, she hasn't heard one word from him in weeks and she's starting to get very worried. Is it all in her head or does she have reasons to worry? Then out and about on day she runs into a very familiar face working in the coffee shop. When they start to get close again will she start rethinking her own feelings? Will things start to crumble before her eyes or will she find the love she wants? Read.


11. Brother.

Brie’s POV:


Today I decided to go speak to Louis. I mean he was right about one thing, he was the only one who was speaking the truth. Then again that worried me. Eleanor has been talking to him about everything he has missed out on the last few months. Mia is very comfortable around Louis but she doesn’t know yet that he is indeed her dad. I stared at the handle in front of me as sickness took over my stomach again. As the door opened my heart started to race right out of my chest. He stood there smoking a cigarette staring at me.


“What do you want.” He said coldly.


“I was hoping that we could talk..” I muttered.


“Sure why not.” He huffed a smoke cloud into my face causing my stomach to turn again. Then he stepped to the side allowing me to come inside. I walked in and notice that the only thing in his house was a small couch and a small fridge.


“Surely this can’t be all you have…” I muttered. He plopped down on the couch shrugging. I sighed softly before walking over to the couch.


“I’m sure that you didn’t come here to comment on my lack of stuff.” He chuckled.


“No…” I shook my head nervously.


“When did you two hook up?” He asked lighting up another cigarette.


“Um a few weeks before I left to England with Reanne…” I muttered.


“You realize how much baggage he is for you?” He asked looking up at me. I shook my head and he sighed putting the half of a cigarette out before standing up in front of me. “There is at least three girls who have a child of his. And that was before I was almost killed.”


“That means…” I mumbled.


“There’s another one isn’t there?” He sighed as I nodded.


“Why didn’t you tell me….” I mumbled.


“That I was your brother?” He asked and I nodded. “Well why did Zayn tell you he was?”


“Because I think he thought that is what I wanted to hear...He was at the hospital when father was in there dying…”


“That old man died?” He said with shock filling his eyes.


“Yeah about a month after I saw him.”


“Was that witch with him?”


“At least I am not the only one who thinks that of her.” I chuckled.


“She may be my mother but man do I hate her. Time after time I wished that I could have your mother. We would pass by your house a lot and she would always talk bad about you guys.” He sighed.


“I don’t regret having you as a brother Lou.” I mumbled.




“I would have been fine with the thought of you being my brother. You aren’t a bad guy, you have your sweet moments. I mean you must have otherwise Eleanor wouldn’t have fallen in love with you, or kept your child.” I smiled softly.


“My child?” His eyes widened. I thought that Eleanor told him, she said she did..


“Yeah Mia is your daughter..” I mutter. “You really couldn’t tell? I mean she has your eyes.”


“Really?” He smiled softly.


“Yes Lou.” I smiled at him. “Oh by the way, lets keep that kiss that happened between us, between us.”


“Deal.” He chuckled. “I felt weird about it.”


“I feel weird thinking about it.” I giggled. My attention turned towards my phone that was ringing. I looked at it to see that Luke was calling me. I told him to call me in an hour just in case Louis decided to make me his next victim. I picked it up just in time. “Hello?”


“Are you okay?” He asked.


“Yeah I am fine just spending time with my brother.” I smiled.


“Well can you come home soon? I think they are about to start fighting…”


“Yeah I’ll be home soon.” I said before hanging up.


“Gotta go?” Lou asked.

“Sadly.” I smiled at him before heading out of his house. When I got down his drive I turned my head to see him staring out of his window watching me. I smiled softly before turning back towards the road.

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