Hate That I Love You

It's been a few months now that Gabbriella has been in England with Reanne, and the baby. She thought that the problems with Liam would be solve by now and she could be snuggled up with her boyfriend. Speaking of her boyfriend, she hasn't heard one word from him in weeks and she's starting to get very worried. Is it all in her head or does she have reasons to worry? Then out and about on day she runs into a very familiar face working in the coffee shop. When they start to get close again will she start rethinking her own feelings? Will things start to crumble before her eyes or will she find the love she wants? Read.


9. Brother oh Brother

Harry's POV:

I felt sick. My stomach was in knots and all I could think about was Brie. I wanted her here in my arms but knew that wasn't smart. I wobbled into the living room trying to keep my stomach from hurling once more. Louis was leaning against the wall with a frown on his lips. If he wasn't my best friend, or were...I would never have realized that it was him. He looked like a completely different dude. 

"Better Harry?" Zayn asked and I nodded.

"Sick just looking at me?" Louis said coldly. 

"That's not it..." I muttered. 

"He's dealing with a lot right now." Zayn defended. I wish he wouldn't defend me. I'm not as great as he is. 

"Now shall we talk about the issue on our hands?" He asked. 

"What issue?" I muttered. 

"I'm being called a murderer Harry!" He growled. 

"That has nothing to do with us!" Zayn yelled. 

"Oh really?" He smirked. "Your fingerprints are all over that body." 

"What body?" I knew I was gonna regret this question. 


I felt sick again. I ran back into the bathroom and started throwing up once again. Liam was dead. Louis was being called his murderer and our fingerprints are on his body because of that fight. That stupid fight. 


Brie's POV:

"Ella come here." Niall called. 

I walked past Eleanor and went over to Niall's side. His eyes were filled with worry and I knew right then something was just about to make everything worse. My heart started to pound and my stomach started to turn again. 

"Yes Ni?" I mumbled leaning against him. 

"I know that this might be a lot for you to handle.." He wrapped his arms around me. "But I think you should know who Louis is being accused of murdering."

"W-who?" I muttered. 

"Liam." He whispered in my ear and my heart dropped. 

"Oh my god." I cried out as I fell to the floor. He sat down next to me and held me closer to him. Everything was falling apart. Everything. Eleanor walked into the room with Luke close behind her. They looked are me worriedly. 

"Who is my brother?!" I screamed. 

"L-Louis..." Eleanor whimpered. 

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