Once Mine|Taylor Caniff

"I miss the feeling of your hands in mine"


1. 1

I woke up instantly to the sound of my alarm clock going off. I groaned remembering that it was Monday the first day of Magcon. You think I might be pretty excited but trust me I was. Was as in past tense. Ever since my boyfriend Taylor Caniff broke up with me for my best friend I started to not look forward to Magcon. I'm only going for my fans, no one else.

I got up from bed and did my normal daily routine. I went to the bathroom stripping if the frantic off my body and took a quick shower. Once I was done I stepped out regretting it straight away when my feet came freezing cold from the cold tiles. I walked to my closet slipping on my Nirvana t-shirt with a pair of black skinny jeans. I walked out and slipped on my black and white converse while placing my hair into a high ponytail.

I was about to do my makeup when I heard my phone buzz from my bed side table.

From Ayana :)

Hey! Hurry Up We Already Started Rehearsal!

What? Rehearsal? I checked the time to see that it was already 11pm! Shit I woke up late! I jogged up to my bathroom and quickly did my makeup before heading out to the ballroom where we are performing tonight.

"Took you long enough!" Matt screamed from the stage making me giggle when I saw everyone dancing around. That's our rehearsal for ya!

"BRINLEY HELP ME!" Cameron screamed sprinting passed me with a angry Nash chasing after him

"CAMERON YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS" Nash screamed clearly talking about the egg in his hair. Probably another vine.

I just giggled to myself while walking over to the stage where everyone were. Mahogany smiled walking to me embracing me in her tight hugs.

"Good morning!" She giggled letting me go

"Morning!" I giggled but stumbled when I felt someone jumping on my back

"BRIN!!!" Ayana screamed hugging my neck

"ANA" I screamed giggling letting her down before hugging her

I instantly let go when someone covered Ayana's eyes.

"Guess Who?" Taylor asked while having a wide smile plastered on his face making my heart break

"Taylor Swift?" She giggled but started laughing when she heard Taylor gasp

"Don't ever say that again" he smiled picking her up and twirling her around making her squeal

I just looked down and waited till Taylor goes away or they both just go away.

"Oh hey Brinley" he smiled

"Hey" I mumbled back and walked off towards Mahogany

It hurt knowing he loves someone else but as long as his happy then I am.

But I miss him being mine

Once I reached Mahogany she instantly saw I was upset

"Hey don't worry! He was stupid for dumping you" she stated giving me a side hug and rubbing my arm

I just nodded and went to sit down on the couch

I went on Twitter and did a follow spree and retweeted some tweets! I decided to tweet

@brinleyy I Miss You

I always tweet my thoughts and feelings it's where I let my feelings out but still hide it somehow.

I looked over towards Taylor And Ayana. They look perfect together but I'm wondering

Why did he even love me? Or made me think he loved me?


It's short I know but I want it to start off short then I'm going to write a little more:)

-Jean :)

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