Let Me Love You

It started in London that the moment i fall in love with a boy who i know that it going to be my blue prince.


1. Gotta Be You

Saturday night.

Me:  Harry you don´t know how much i love you it is like te biggest monument in the world, but it is too difficult to explain.

Harry:  You don´t have to explain it to me i understand it, you love me like all the fans i have and does it means that you aren´t the only one.

Me:  Yes, but Harry i am a different person, the other people love you only because you are famous, but i stole like you famous or not.

Harry:  I can´t believe that, i am sorry, i´m not in love with you.

Me:  But why you say that to me only because i´m ugly? or what? i didn´t know that you are that type of person i´m sorry day by day i, i, i (shouting) hate you ¡¡¡¡¡¡

Harry:  You don´t know about me what you can say? Go and forget me i got lot of people who love me more than you.

Me:  I´m so sorry Harry i,i,i wouldn´t say that i hate it isn´t true.

Harry:  I don´t know that but one thing i know its that you say that and hurt me, i have to say bye, and open you the door to let you go.

Me:  But Harry only i want one thing let me love you.

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