Let Me Love You

It started in London that the moment i fall in love with a boy who i know that it going to be my blue prince.


2. Don´t Let Me Go

Sunday Morning.

On the telephone....
Me:  Harry don let me go i want to be with you.

Harry:  Yes, i will let you go because you hurt me it can´t be You & I...... only You & Louis. So let me Louis is my friend i don´t want to hurt him so bye.

Me:  But,but,but  Harry¡¡¡¡

(Louis enter to the room)

Me:  Louis do you know where is Harry? I want to talk with him.

Louis:  No, but tell me darling what do you want to say to him. And with who you was talking on the telephone

Me:  No¡ It´s our discussion let us talk please. Mmm with Harry

Louis:  Oh¡ So you don´t want to say me what are you going to talk with him.... i´m your boyfriend and i want to know with who are you with Harry or with me.

Me:  I know but we are only friends Louis don´t think bad.

Louis:  I´m trying to do that but all my friends and people say to me that you are with him.


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