Dear Dad

Allison Cummings and Niall Horan were high school sweet hearts. Together forever until she got pregnant.
Will they be reunited again
Or will she continue to live her life as a single mom?


1. Mommy & Me

I wish he wouldn't have left me when he found out I was pregnant. I mean what kind of man is that? Leaves his girlfriend for a career when he gets the news she's pregnantThe silence ended along with my thoughts when my beautiful little boy came running in.

I don't know if it's just a thing kids go through but he rarely calls me mom. He calls me by my first name. Allison. "Ally! Ally! Go outside?" Maybe later Ben. I told him. You have to eat lunch! The four year olds voice was like music to any mothers ears. It was just me and him. Besides my mom and my sister. They were very supportive for me and Benjamin.

I knew who his father was but I haven't seen or heard from him since he walked out four years ago. I think he's in a band now or something....? He's never even seen his son once! I'm not sure if he even knows he's a boy.

I made Ben some lunch and sat him down at his booster. I sat beside him. He had never really asked much about his dad before I was hoping it wasn't for a while either. I wouldn't even know how to explain.

I took Benjamin outside and watched him play a couple hours later I had him washed up and sound asleep. He slept in my bed with me...I loved watching him sleep. I drifted off to sleep and into a dream.

*Alison's dream*

The way his body moves is like the feeling you get when you arrive to the beach. Smell the salt and sand. Feel the warm air. Almost like heaven, yea he is heaven! Everything to me anyways! I was running from him, laughing very hard. He came out of no where and picked me up tickling me and threw me gently onto the bed all giggly and began to attack me with tickling fingers so much I couldn't breath anything but love. He then layed beside me and we began to nap. I love you Harry Styles... I Love You too Alison Rainwater!

I woke up to reality. To see a boy with green eyes, brown curly hair and a cheeky smile infront of me.

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