The Family Guy And Clevland Brown Movie:We Lost Stewie

A Spiceal episode of Family Guy Where Stewie Runs Away. Family Guy Theme: the Cleveland show theme:


11. The Mansion Of Neffirg Retep

"Dopplerganger Griffen Peter You will lose."Peter Screams. Suddenly Tim, Stewie, Peter, Rallo, Cleveland Jr. And Cleveland Were Took Away."D*mn It, Cleveland How We Gonna Get Home?" Rallo Asks. "I don't Know"Cleveland Replies. Then Tim Glows A Scary Odd Glow. Then his body grew big then Meg and Chris fell out of the plane they were in holding the cell they were in then Neffirg Retep Said "we are here" Thhen Tim Said "No Your Dead" And Stomp And Neffirg Retep. "Oh Uh About That Godzilla Is My dad."Tim Said.

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