The Family Guy And Clevland Brown Movie:We Lost Stewie

A Spiceal episode of Family Guy Where Stewie Runs Away. Family Guy Theme: the Cleveland show theme:


7. Meg?

"Meg?" Says Lois. "Ahhhhhhh no get a a a a away. MOOOOOOOOOOM DAAAAAAD!" Meg screams. Peter Runs Up Stairs. Only To Find A Note. "Lois Listen to this note, it says tick tock time is almost up."says Peter. "That Is Your Hand WRITING!"says Lois. "My Dopplerganger Called Griffen Peter AGAIN!" Says Peter. When Cleveland then knocks. "Peter Open Up Remember Us?"Cleveland and Cleveland Junior say. "Who's that kid behind you?" Peter asks. "I'm Rallo Cleveland Is My Step-dad what the h*ll? I mean what the heck?" Rallo Says."oh ok. Hey Rallo."Peter says. When A Scream is heard. Chris Is Missing.

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