The Family Guy And Clevland Brown Movie:We Lost Stewie

A Spiceal episode of Family Guy Where Stewie Runs Away. Family Guy Theme: the Cleveland show theme:


4. Episode Title

"Family Guy And The Browns In:" Flashes across the screen. "We Lost Stewie" Goes To Cleveland's Home. "jr. Jr. JR. JR." Screams Donna. "What?" Says Cleveland Jr. "Time To Eat" Says Donna. Rallo Then Slides Down The Banister. "What We Eating" Rallo Says. "Pancakes"Donna Replies. Cleveland then runs down the stairs. "Jr. We will steal those-"Cleveland says when His Phone Rings. "Hmm Hello....... Oh Peter Hey How's Stewie....... WHAAAAT!!!!!!!"Cleveland says. "Honey What is it" Asks Donna. "Stewie Has Gone MISSING!!!!" He Says then faints.

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