The Family Guy And Clevland Brown Movie:We Lost Stewie

A Spiceal episode of Family Guy Where Stewie Runs Away. Family Guy Theme: the Cleveland show theme:


12. Credits


Based Off 2 of The shows By: Seth MacFarlane

Movie By: CDude9763

Family Guy:

Created By:Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane As Peter Griffen/ Neffirg Retep

Alex Borstein As: Lois Griffen

Seth Green As: Chris Griffen

Mila Kunis As: Meg Griffen

The Cleveland Show

Mike Henry As Cleveland Brown/Rallo

Sanaa Lathan As Donna Tubbs

Seth MacFarlane As Tim the Bear

Kevin Michael Richardson/ Mike Henry As Jr.

Sanaa Lathan as Donna

Nia Long/Reagan Gomez as Roberta

Guest Starring

Dan Castellaneta As Homer Simpson

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