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Hello! This, like many others, is a review movella. The first chapter will have more details, so, don't be shy, read on!


5. Renegade by wreckedmind

I really like this idea, and I'm glad that someone came up with a way to put it into words. The plot's fantastic and you seem to have Tris's voice down. You may want to break up that big chunk of writing for Caleb's choosing into a couple smaller paragraphs so that it doesn't seem so much out of place.

You seem to have that weird dialogue-punctuation thing going on again, though there's much less. Other than that, I can't find anything spelling/grammar-wise.

All in all, this is another beaut from wreckedmind. There were only a few minor grammar mistakes, and the plot and characters are superb.

Spelling/Grammar: 9

Plot: 10

Creativity: 10

Overall 9 2/3

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