Sparrow's Reviews

Hello! This, like many others, is a review movella. The first chapter will have more details, so, don't be shy, read on!


6. Define Depression by Age With Grace

NOTE: This movella is rated Y for future self-harm scenes, but right now, it's all fine.

Now, this isn't a conventional sort of movella, and you haven't put much in the way of plot up yet, but what's there so far sounds really cool, like a really depressed version of round robin, if you don't mind my saying so.

There aren't any spelling/grammar mistakes, considering the word count, but I'd be happy to re-review it once you've written more.

Spelling/Grammar: 10

Plot: N/A

Creativity: 10

Overall: 10 (until I get a proper idea of what the plot's about)

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