5 Suspects

Nikita Manssini is an 18 year old girl who had a little too much fun (if you know what I mean) with
All the boys in One Direction. Nikita ended up getting pregnant and having twins, Paxton
(a girl) and Dallas (a boy) but she doesn't know who they belong to. She would prefer some boys over others. This story is filled with drama, emotion and may end ironically.


2. Our little secret

Soon, Louis left and I felt good. I soon went through all the boys and it was time to go clubbing. I wore a short pink dress which was cut down the middle and had silver high heels. I hopped into Liam's car and we drove to the club. We arrived and I basically ran in needing a drink so bad. After that, I can't remember anything else because I got so drunk. Actually, I had a blurry picture of a hand gripped tightly around my wrist guiding me to a bedroom but nothing else. We never did talk about that night again until later, but the club was a huge part of the story so remember that. My life was normal for the next two weeks, until i woke up one morning  barfing uncontrollably.

"Babe are you alright?"

"Um ya sure just a passing bug." 

"You seem a little unsure of yourself."

"I am FINE."

Liam looked startled and left the room. I wasn't unsure of my self. I knew right then and there, I was pregnant.

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