I don't know who I am. I don't know where I am. I don't know what happened to me. The only thing I do know is the fact that I woke up in a small room to the sound of someone trying to break the door down. This is the story about how I learn the true reasons of becoming lost in my own world. I learned to love. I hoped for safety. I lost my way. I trusted nobody.


24. Twins

Zack's dying and Kaitlyn is in labour. What does Alden think he is?! King of the world?! I don't think so! Not when Calden should be King of all wolf kind. At least then there would be more laws put in place about immortal wolves. I'm not exactly going to live as long as Kaitlyn and Zack. They're obviously immortal AND wolf so they can be forever friends. I'm just the one who made Kaitlyn pregnant. Why should I look after the cubs?!

"Now get back out there!" Please don't let this be a burning faze in Aldens cabin near our territory. I don't understand why he wants to wipe out the Sierras when all they do is protect everyone.

"Fine." I murmur, running as fast as I could to get to Zack. He's healing fast but I can't let him be taken apart completely until he has healed skin. First stop, the Doctor in the village. He'll know what to do.

"Kaitlyn, stay with me and breathe." I glance between the trees and notice a young cub transforming while Kaitlyn tries to at the same time. If only I could transform at the same rate as Alden, Calden and Zack. I could help her then.

Kaitlyn remembers Zack from nursery but not me. She doesn't know Zack is my twin and we got split up after an immortal woman died in our childbirth. Evelyn and Calden saved Zack from being taken by Alden, but I was hypnotized. Now I know how to keep Alden out and Zack in.

Calden and Alden were twins but Calden can calm you while Alden has survived centuries of torture because he was too exposed. I need to find out what went wrong with each of those events. Now is probably the right time to research.

Kaitlyn was predicted.

Me and Zack tested each other.

Zack was right.

She had twins.

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