I don't know who I am. I don't know where I am. I don't know what happened to me. The only thing I do know is the fact that I woke up in a small room to the sound of someone trying to break the door down. This is the story about how I learn the true reasons of becoming lost in my own world. I learned to love. I hoped for safety. I lost my way. I trusted nobody.


30. Royal

Once we arrived back at the cottage, I made my way into the kitchen as the others followed. Leah and Alec had both clung to Zack, asking any question imaginable to their big imaginations. They even asked if Zack was a wolf too. Austen, however, stayed in a grumbling silence as we walked back. Fortunately, the buggy broke so I didn't have to push it back and forth to the daycare today.

"What colour wolf are you?" Alec asked. The subject still hasn't changed from Zack being a wolf.

"You'll find out soon enough." I pick up Leah before strapping her in one of the high chairs by the kitchen island. Austen helped with Alec, before he disappeared through the back door.

"What's wrong with him?" Zack glided onto one of the stools, tensing up very quickly.

“I don’t know.” I answer, making my way round to the cupboards to start preparing food with the bare scraps we already have. “I think he was hoping to spend time with the twins before I finished work today. Neither me or him expected for you to make a return today. After all, it has been 2 years.”

Noticing Zack was no longer perched on the stool, I run outside as fast as I could. Obviously, I was too late. Both Austen and Zack were in wolf form, challenging each other to make the first move to attack. Neither of them had noticed my appearance in the doorway, hence their continuance of their neverending staring contest.

"She's mine." I couldn't tell who had growled these words, but it definitely triggered a reaction from both of them.

“Never!” Within a matter of seconds, Austen and Zack had their wolf fangs around the other’s neck. Several snapping sounds and a yelp later, I decided to bring a stop to this. I ignore the cries coming from inside, and pull my cream jumper off and leap towards the two boys.

I felt a click in my back before paws replaced my limbs. All four paws landed on the patio floor before I jump in between both Zack and Austen. I felt something close on my shoulder blade. Making myself jump, I yelp a little louder than necessary. This was the second time I had transformed and certainly not the best.

“Kaitlyn!” Zack was back in human form, kneeling next to me while he placed his hand gently on my back. I whine quietly, allowing him to study the damage. “Well done Ace of Accidents!”

“Says you!” Austen called back mid-transformation. “Whoa.”

“Huh?” Zack mimicked the shocked expression of his frenemie. “Impossible.”

“I thought they were extinct.” What the heck are they on about? And why the heck are they watching me like I’m something from a museum and not a real living thing?!

“Me too.” Are they gonna help me or stand there talking about something I don’t have a clue about?!

“What is it?!” I eventually huff. Of course, I immediately regret this as I let out another piercing yelp of pain.

“Kaitlyn, you’re not who we thought you were.” Austen rubbed the back of his neck with his hand as a troubled look fell over his face. “Looks like we were wrong all along.”

“What are you on about?!”

“You won’t believe us if we told you.” Zack tilted my face to look up into his eyes. He obviously knew I didn’t want to be messed about, so he came out with the one thing I didn’t expect. “You’re the daughter of the Wolf King.”

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