I don't know who I am. I don't know where I am. I don't know what happened to me. The only thing I do know is the fact that I woke up in a small room to the sound of someone trying to break the door down. This is the story about how I learn the true reasons of becoming lost in my own world. I learned to love. I hoped for safety. I lost my way. I trusted nobody.


31. Leaving

Huh? I'm a Wolf Princess? I didn't even know there was a Wolf King in the first place! Does that mean Calden and Evelyn are my parents? Or did they bring me into safety from something? And why wasn't I told any of this within the last couple of years?! This is getting out of hand now. One minute I'm human, then I'm a werewolf AND THEN I'm an immortal wolf. Now I'm a Wolf Princess!

"You're kidding right?" Was all I could muster in words right now. Zack shook his head, causing his blonde hair to fall over his eyes. For some reason, I knew there would be more to this story. Most probably a story I would either never be told or have to wait ages to find out. "Please tell me this is a dream."

"If this was a dream, you wouldn't be whining on floor right now." Zack chuckled as the realization fell across my features. I've either lost my sanity or common sense of knowledge in the space of Zack returning and jumping inbetween the two frenemies. The growl escaping my wolf fangs surprised me as something rested on my wound. "Don't worry, it's just something to help while you change back. Can you try that for me now?"

"I don't think that's a good idea." Austen sounded like he was further away than necessary. His voice sounded worried, with a hint of needing to do something. The sound of fading footsteps filled my senses. "I'm going to go get my stuff like we planned..."

"Like you planned?" I repeated, changing the form to an inquiry.

"Don't worry, I'll tell you later." I felt his hands move to the center of my back and a similar place underneath. Zack's touch was gentle and felt different from when I was in labour and Charlie held me in a similar position. Tears were threatening to overrun my vision now. "I know it hurts, but please trust me and try to transform back. We don't want to affect your shape next time you wolf out."

Slowly and steadily, I imagine myself changing back into my former skin and clothes. This was turning into reality as I felt myself shrink gradually. I notice the white fur on my paws were fading as they grew smaller with every sigh of both relief and pain I released. Eventually, after what felt like an eternity, I was being cradled in Zack's gentle hold.

"How did you know that would work?" I lift my head so I could look into his mysterious eyes. We had our foreheads leant against each other.

"Something I learned when I was a cub." His lips formed a lopsided smile as I smile softly when his hand brushed some of my hair out of my face. My hair was now stained with blood on the end of a few strands due to it falling back into the wound behind my shoulder. "You ok now?"

"I will be." My hands brush against his upper arm as I bring my arms around the Zack's neck. His reaction showed me he didn't disapprove my actions. "Please can you help me back in the house? Alec and Leah need their lunch."

"And so do you." Giggling at myself, Zack lifted me up bridal style. My arms were still wrapped around his neck as he carried me back through the cottage and into the kitchen. The twins watched on while I was placed on one of the stools, causing my arms to drop down to the island counter. "Now you relax while I make dinner. Then we can pack and head to the US for Charlie's funeral."

"Thanks." Tears pricked my vision as I watched Zack walk gracefully around the kitchen. Somehow, he managed to make what little food I had turn into enough for a buffet. Every now and then, his gaze would turn back towards me. Almost as if he wasn't sure if this was real. I kept myself busy, playing with some 3D puzzle rings with the twins.

"Boiled eggs with spaghetti on toast for your royal highness's." Zack placed two plastics place on each of the tables the high chairs acquired. He turned shortly after to grab a bowl before facing me, staring into my eyes as he placed it down on the counter. "And a pasta salad for my Queen."

"And for you?" I raise my brow, hiding the laugh that was threatening to escape my throat.

"Any leftovers when you're finished." Zack's lips brushed against mine, making an unusual sensation rise from somewhere I feared I would never venture again. Two years of emptiness and now I can finally feel again. Even if it is a mixture of grief, love and something I can't quite place. Disappointment? Rejection? Neglected? I really don't know.

We ate in a comfortable silence. I thought about how I was going to tell Austen about the news of going to Alaska for a while. He won't be pleased and he'll probably want to go with us. Either that, or try stopping us from leaving this place altogether. I'm also going to have to sort out passports for the twins. After all, they're still young and everyone knows for a fact you need a passport in order to leave the country.

"Finished?" Zack snapped me out of my thoughts. Looking down, I notice I still have just under half left and my appetite has suddenly disappeared for the time being. I nod briefly while pushing the bowl in his direction. "What's wrong?"

"I don't know what to tell Austen." Thinking about it now, I'm probably going to have to tell my dad too. He might not be too pleased with me if I leave unexpectedly either. They will probably want to say goodbye to the twins as well. Then again, they haven't exactly told me the truth about who I am either. "And I'm not sure if everyone are who they say they are."

"Kaitlyn." Zack sighed, placing the fork down in the bowl before shuffling over to my side from the other side of Leah. He held my face in his palms as we watched each other's gaze on the other. "There are some people who deceive others by twisting the truth. Those are the people we should avoid because all they want to do is take you from your title and destroy the lives of others for their own benefit. This is why I want to take you to safety. You, Leah and Alec. You all deserve to live a life with no worries; which is why I want to take you to your mother and give you the home you deserve. And you know why?" I shake my head, tears were still covering my eyesight. "Because I love you."

"I love you too." My voice broke as I was pulled into a hug, a heated kiss forming on my lips. Deciding not to resist, particularly because I was enjoying this too much, I melted into Zack's arms and kissed him back. This felt like heaven and I never want it to end. All thoughts were drained from me. We pulled apart after what felt like hours, but was obviously minutes. I stared into the mysterious eyes of the one I love as he stared into mine.

"You ready to go?" Zack spoke barely above a whisper. My gaze flickered over to Leah just behind him and I noticed she was yawning due to their afternoon nap drawing closer.

"Yeah, I just need to get a few things." I get up and sprint over to the kitchen doorway before turning back towards the three people who now meant the world to me. "Zack, please strap them in their car seats and I'll get some stuff from their rooms."

I go up the stairs two steps at a time, almost three at one point. My first stop was in my bedroom, where I grabbed the biggest suitcase stored under my bed before swinging open my wardrobe and grabbing and throwing as many of my clothes into the suitcase. I don't have many, so it filled up only half of the case. Once complete, I drag the suitcase into the next room before thrusting a few of Leah's into the case. I repeated with Alec before realizing I still had a little space left. Shampoo and milk bottles sprung to mind, so I slipped into the bathroom and grabbed a few bottles. I tossed them into the black suitcase before attempting to drag it down the stairs.

"Wow, I'll get that for you." Zack came to my side, his hand grabbing onto the handle as I let go once again. "You go put the twins in the car, I'll bring this out now."

"Ok, I just need to get a couple of the bottles from the kitchen and we can go." I glide down the stairs and spent a short amount of time in the kitchen. Remembering there were two full bottles of milk in the fridge did help a lot. Moments passed by quickly and finally, everyone was in the car. Zack was driving, I was in the passenger seat and the twins were fast asleep in the back.

Everything in this village fell behind us as I remember the short amount of time I remember spending here. Street after street with people roaming around were disappearing behind us. Disappearing from my worries. Disappearing from my life. I'm going to be free from being chased by werewolves. I will be free to be who I really am with the people I loved the most. Finally the sign at the edge of town was in sight;

Thank you for staying

We hope to see you again

And somehow I knew, I will never be back here ever again.

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