I don't know who I am. I don't know where I am. I don't know what happened to me. The only thing I do know is the fact that I woke up in a small room to the sound of someone trying to break the door down. This is the story about how I learn the true reasons of becoming lost in my own world. I learned to love. I hoped for safety. I lost my way. I trusted nobody.


14. Immortality

Hearing the bell ring in the distance, I debate on whether or not I should go back to school. Ugh, who am I fooling? I need to get answers now, not after school. How I'm going to get these answers? I don't have a clue. What I do know is the fact I need to go back to Austen's pack to get them. Not that I know where the heck Austen's pack is though!

Making sure no one would see me, I sneak into the Dark Forest. Even though I don't have a clue where I'm going, I rely on pure instinct. Hopefully I can't go far wrong if I find my way with my instincts. I glance up towards the sky. Now I can see why they called it the Dark Forest, it was like walking around in the middle of the night even though it was pure daytime.

"Kaitlyn..." I heard a gasp and turn to see someone raising themselves from a position. I assume he must have been getting ready to attack something. The gaze in his eyes gave me the feeling that I knew him from somewhere, but I can't figure out where. Using big strides, he came at me with open arms. "Sierra, you've grown so much!"

"Uh..." What the heck?! Why is he hugging me? Is he someone I knew before I lost my memory? I think so. Finally, he pulls away and looks at me at arms length. I get the decency to actually ask; "Who are you?"

"Oh, that's right." The man chuckled, stroking the back of his neck that was covered by his chocolate brown hair. I'm not even gonna go there about the fact that his clothes were torn, dirty and made him reek of whatever it is he has been doing. "I'm sorry hon, I guess it's been so long I forgot to mention the fact that it's been 15 years since I saw you last."

"15 years?" I echo, did I hear him right? "Is that how old I am?"

"Yep, and soon you'll be 16." He came closer and nuzzled his head in my hair. OK? Well that's weird. Why the heck is he doing this? "I'm so glad I get to see my only daughter before she becomes a full wolf."

"Wait, I'm your daughter?" I raise my voice in shock. My dad is still alive?! How the heck is that possible?! And why didn't he bother to come looking for me?! Shouldn't he be the one looking after me and not my uncle Charlie?!

"That's right, Kaitlyn." He pulled away and put his hands either side of my face so I couldn't move from looking him directly in his deep ocean blue eyes. My so called father decided to pull me into a hug once again. "Daddy's here for you now."

I clung to him like my life depended on it. No matter how hard I tried, nothing could conjure up the reasons why he would leave me to be raised by my mother's relative and not by himself. Besides, what is this secret that is so important, two packs want me? Is that important, my own father can't look after me? Obviously.

"Dad?" I was first to pull back. To be honest, I didn't really want to be holding onto my real father forever. Considering I was going to be having a baby in a few months, I needed to sort a few things out. When he nodded for me to continue, I did. "Why didn't you look after me instead of Charlie?"

"I needed you to be safe." Looking down at me, I noticed my father was at least a foot taller than me. That must mean I took after my mother height-wise. "It was bad enough I broke pack rules. I knew it would be even worse if they found out I had a daughter who was made from both packs, let alone the alpha of one and the head guard of the other."

"How is you two having me breaking pack rules?" I lean against the bark of the tree just behind me, while I gaze up at my dad.

"The rules are if two wolves from different packs mate while they are in their separate packs, they have to be terminated from existence immediately." His tone turned serious as though he was talking to an employee and not a member of his own family. "It's against the rules because a cub from two different packs when there hasn't been a transfer is a lone cub. The transfer has to be made before the mating even begins, let alone the birth."

"So I'm a lone wolf?" I raise my brow in question. Hang on a minute... "I'm a werewolf?!"

"You're not a werewolf." He sighed, running his other hand through his locks as his fingers intertwined as they reached behind his head. "You're an immortal wolf."

"What's the difference between a werewolf and a wolf?" Well, I had to ask that at some point, didn't I? I can find out about the immortal part once my dad tells me the difference between a wolf and a werewolf. Surely it can't be one that big, can it?

"Werewolves always transform on a full moon, no doubts about that." Chuckling, I let him continue as he finishes off his private little joke. "Wolves, however, can transform whenever they want to. Although there has been the odd time where a wolf has been unable to control his emotions and let his anger get the better of him, causing a transformation to form. Unexpected transformations can cause a brief moment of memory loss of the time that person was in form."

"So that's why Zack can't remember attacking Austen?" Now that makes sense! At lease now I know why Zack was confused at the fact he was a werewolf. Then again, from the sounds of things, he's probably a wolf not a werewolf.

"Since when did Zack attack Austen?" OK, maybe I shouldn't have said that right away. I might have got Austen in a heck of a lot of trouble. Or Zack. "Kaitlyn, please tell me when Zack attacked Austen because I need to know now."

"Um... it was about a month ago." I try to get my facts right as best as I can. Giving the wrong information is probably the worst thing I can do right now. "The morning after I escaped Austen's house full of packs. I escaped cos I didn't want to face the alpha right away."

"Kaitlyn, I'm their alpha." Wow, well that explains why he said alpha and head guard. Although it is very unlikely for a female to be alpha of a pack that would have plenty of males ready to take her place at any given moment. "I'll have a word with Austen when I get home tonight. You alright? You look a little pale."

"Uh..." OK, I am starting to get a little dizzy now that I've been bombarded with all these new facts after the encounter with Zack. "I think I'm just a little hungry. That's all."

"Come on then." I trailed behind my father as he headed down some rocky paths that I failed to notice before. Let's just assume that my dad is taking me back to his home full of werewolves. At least, that's where I think he's taking me anyway. "Any questions before we get back to the rest of the Sierras?"

"Yeah, I have one." Wait a minute, I remember this path. It leads to the bridge at the end of the Dark Forest. Not only does the bridge lead to the main road in and out of town, but it is also the base of all the cafes and shops that are here. There's very few here, but there are enough to last you through a lifetime. "Why did you say I'm an immortal wolf?"

"There's been a secret in your mother's side of your family for centuries." Oh boy, the sound of my dad's voice gave me the impression that he didn't want to be talking about this right at this very moment. "Your family secret is the same reason why all the packs in the world want you. You are the last person able to live forever and you're the only one able to let another one of us, or any human, into the everlasting life too. The fact that you're a wolf too makes you even more desirable and the main target for a take down in major battles."

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