I don't know who I am. I don't know where I am. I don't know what happened to me. The only thing I do know is the fact that I woke up in a small room to the sound of someone trying to break the door down. This is the story about how I learn the true reasons of becoming lost in my own world. I learned to love. I hoped for safety. I lost my way. I trusted nobody.


29. He's Their Father

He's dead? No he can't be! Charlie promised he would come back to take me, Leah and Alec to Alaska once they were old enough! He can't die! Please, let this just be a dream because Zack can't be alive as well as Charlie dying. Why does all the drama happen to me?!

"Are you sure?" I murmur, just above a whisper but still very quiet.

"Yes ma'am, I'm sure." Before I knew it, tears started streaming down my face as I burrowed my head in my hands. The guy on the other end of the phone uttered something about being sorry for my loss before hanging up, but I didn't pay any attention because I was broken. Again.

Just when I thought everything would go back to normal again, someone had to go and break my heart again! Why did it have to be the same moment Zack returned? Why couldn't it have been after I got my life back on track after two years of living in a vague faze? What on earth happened to make Charlie die in the first place? And why didn't the guy tell me what happened? Something wasn't right here.

"Kaitlyn, what is it?" Zack placed his hand under my chin and pushed it up so I was looking into his still mysterious eyes. I wonder what kind of secrets were behind them. "What's wrong?"

"Ch-Ch-Charlie's..." I couldn't bring myself to say it. The words didn't feel right on the tip of my tongue. None of this felt right, yet it was all so real, I couldn't change any of it. Sniffing and wiping away my tears, I tried my best to speak the word that I fear.

"What about Charlie?" He spoke softly, unlike my boss who is probably going to be walking back in any minute now.

"He's d-dead." Breaking into another load of tears, I let Zack push himself through the side gate and wrap his arms around me behind the counter. I burrowed my head into his shoulder while wrapping my own arms around his muscular body. Once again, I felt like I belonged in his arms, but not in this kind of situation.

"Man, I'm sorry." Zack spoke into my hair, pecking me lightly on the side of my head. Even I could tell he was about to break into tears, and it wasn't his own family member. "I know how much Charlie meant to you. Do you know what happened?"

"No." I sniffed, pulling back to look up into Zack's eyes once again. "The guy just told me he was dead and hung up! He didn't give me any indication to what could have caused this except from the fact that it was an accident! How can they call it an accident if he's dead?!"

"Shh, it's OK." Zack soothed, pulling me back into a hug once again. We stayed like that for a few long moments. Neither one of us showed any signs of moving anytime soon. I'm thankful no customers have come yet. However, I somehow managed to forget my manager mentioning he will be back after he drops off a truck a few miles out of town.

"Kaitlyn, who is this?!" I broke away from Zack to face my boss. He wore a very dusty overall covered in oil, petrol and goodness knows what else. My boss ran the  repair store next door. His eyebrows burrowed deeply showed me he wanted an answer now, not later. That was until his eyes flicked over to the figure next to me. "Zack? Zack Terry?! Is that you or am I dreaming?"

"Definitely Zack." I answer as Zack let out another low laugh. Smiling slowly, I remember my boss, Sean Terry, was Zack's uncle. I don't even know how I managed to let that little detail slip by. "He's here, flesh and blood."

"Your mother and father told me you was dead!" It didn't take long for Sean to cross the shop and wrap Zack in a warm hug. After several moments, they pulled apart. I'm sure I saw a tear waiting to shed in Sean's eye. "Welcome back buddy! Where have you been for the past couple o' years?"

"I've been up in the city." Zack looked back at me, making me blush a little as he held my hand in his. "I've been trying to save up for me, Kaitlyn and the twins to go on a little holiday abroad. Now that I have enough, I decided it was about time to come back. Show that the real me isn't locked in a coffin underground somewhere behind that church."

He'd save up for me, Leah and Alec to go on holiday with him? That's so sweet! Even if he hasn't met the twins yet! I'm sure Austen won't mind. I mean, he has been looking after the twins everyday after daycare because they finish at 1 and I finish at 5. Wait a minute, Zack doesn't even know Austen is the one who got me pregnant in the first place, let alone the one looking after them now!

"Zack, bit of a problem." Wow, I sounded slightly scared when I spoke then. "We can't leave the country without permission."

"Permission from who?" Zack looked confused by my words. Surely he would have figured it out by now, right? "Kaitlyn, what are you on about?"

"We need permission from their dad." I smiled warily, worried about Zack's reaction when I say the next part. "And that kinda means we need to talk to Austen. He's been looking after them while I've been in work and he is their rightful blood father."

"He's what?!" Before I knew it, I was following a fuming Zack down the street and into the daycare center. I didn't realize it was nearing 1 already, so it would be roughly the right time for the toddlers to leave with their parents. Thankfully, Austen hasn't arrived yet. So he was in the clear, for now. Zack turned to me and apologized when he bumped into me. "Where is he?!"

"Mummy!" I get cut off as two of the green-eyed children came bounding up to me with their arms spread out for me to pick them up. As I do so, I notice Zack was silently watching them while I sit down on the nearest sofa. They were already telling me about their day in the play den and dressing up with a load of other stuff. I smile down at both Leah and Alec.

You could tell the two apart quite easily. As opposed to Alec's chocolate brown hair that was similar to mine, Leah had waist-length jet black hair that was tied up into two side ponytails. Leah was roughly two inches taller than her twin brother, but they both shared the same emerald green eyes that always sparkled when they were both doing what they loved. Play fighting, in wolf form, round the back of the cottage in the forest.

"Mummy who's that?" Leah broke in, pointing up at Zack who was still watching us with a, by now, soft gaze.

"That's Zack." I ruffled Alec's chin-length hair as he reached up for Zack. "He's mummies boyfriend and he's going to be taking us on holiday soon."

"Really?!" They both chimed with excitement. When Zack nodded in confirmation, both Leah and Alec leaped out of our arms and ran off to, I assume, tell all their friends. I'm glad I've managed to get them both a firm placement here so they can have an easy transfer to nursery in September.

"What are you doing here?!" I glanced up to see Austen staring at me with his eyes aghast. Normally he would be picking the twins up, but I didn't expect to be here with Zack so soon. After all, it was my choice to trail Zack and attempt to calm him down. Looks like my twins have already done that for me.

"I thought it would be nice for all three of us to pick them up." I gave my best innocent smile to hide the fact that we would be having a very serious conversation soon. Austen's arms stiffened the moment I said three.

"Who's the third... oh." Austen stopped mid-sentence as his gaze trailed over to Zack who stood only a couple of feet away. Something flickered in their eyes as they were staring at each other for a very long moment. Austen was the one who broke the silence. "You're back! I knew you'd make it!"

"You knew?" I seemed to have choruses with Zack.

"Yeah." Austen looked back and forth between me and Zack as I stood up, folding my arms over my chest. "I mean, the amount of times you healed him, he was bound to become immortal, right?"

"Good point." I nodded as Zack spoke. "If you knew I was alive, then why didn't you tell my parents? They deserved to have at least known the truth."

"How can I tell them the truth if you guys are gonna be in war with my dad all the time?" I studied Austen's facial expression as he spoke. He seemed on edge, which wasn't what he was normally like. Especially around the twins. "I think it's about time we head back to the cottage. Leah, Alec! Get your stuff together 'cos we're going now!"

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