I don't know who I am. I don't know where I am. I don't know what happened to me. The only thing I do know is the fact that I woke up in a small room to the sound of someone trying to break the door down. This is the story about how I learn the true reasons of becoming lost in my own world. I learned to love. I hoped for safety. I lost my way. I trusted nobody.


12. Calina High

And that's how things went for a whole month. I stayed in the cottage while Uncle Charlie went to his daily job as a butcher and making sure the forest is safe. All I did was clean up here and there along with categorizing and ordering all of mine and Charlie's books in the study. I also managed to finish off the large amount of homework I received from school.

Speaking of school, today is my first day back. I may not remember much of my school, but like Charlie said. It's a whole lot better than me sitting at home all day doing nothing. He also said it was about time I went back anyway. I agreed, only because I will be one step closer to getting a job. That reminds me, I still have to mention that to Charlie.

Pulling myself up from the comfy bed, my eyes scan my spacious room. I slept on a double bed that looked out into the forest from the window opposite. To my right was the bedroom door that had only a nightstand holding a lamp and telephone to separate us. Along the wall the door opened onto, there was nothing but a couple of paintings that seemed to have relaxed me. On the end of the wall, but facing the one that had the window, was a large desk. The desk held a few pieces from my stationary set in a wooden mug, a desk lamp, a large pile of paper and my very own Toshiba laptop. I haven't had a look to see what as on it yet.

On the opposite side of the window stood a very large wardrobe holding loads of clothes that won't fit me soon. The wardrobe matched my two nightstands and the small bench/draws that was at and fitted the end of my bed. The large window was my favourite place. Stood inside the alcove designed window was a round wooden table. Excluding my side, there were beige cushions on the windowsills due to them being designed as seats.

"Kaitlyn, it's time to get up." Charlie knocked on my bedroom door, making me jump. "We don't have long before we have to leave. It's ten past eight now, so chop chop!"

Huh?! I didn't realize it was that late yet. I'm sure I went to bed early last night so I could get up at a reasonable time this morning. Well now I know that plan failed. Better get up so I can have breakfast before we leave.

Reluctantly climbing out of bed, I make my way over to my wardrobe. Opening the latch, I swing the doors open. Hanging in front of me was a vast collection of tank tops, shorts, short skirts and much more. I decided to pick out a long-sleeved, pale green top that had a v-neck open in at the front. To match, I chose some white jeans. Once getting myself into these, I grabbed my beige boots that were suitable for the colder weather. My jeans covered these knee-high boots down to below my ankles. 

Pleased with what I had chosen, I turned to look in the mirror that was stood inside my wardrobe doors. Woah, this looks good! Hang on a minute. Looking down at my stomach, I notice that I was already growing a little baby bump. Well at least I still fit into the majority of my clothes. As long as I don't have to go clothes shopping for another few weeks, I'm happy.

"You're gonna be a big one, aren't you?" I speak softly, allowing the silence of the morning to not be broken. Closing the wardrobe doors, I grab my hairbrush that was on the nightstand the same side. I don't really plan on doing anything big today, so my hair can do its own thing after I've brushed it.

"Breakfasts ready!" I heard Charlie call up the stairs. Grabbing my already packed shoulder bag and my turquoise hoodie, I head straight downstairs. Not bothering to look where I was going or stop before I get to the kitchen, I nearly crash into my uncle. "Whoa there, hungry Kaitlyn?"

"Mhmm..." Was all I could come out with as I had already stuffed my face with sausage and tomatoes. Never have I thought an English breakfast this large would taste this good! You should try it sometime. Heck, this breakfast tastes better than all the dinners I made myself when I was home alone! This place just keeps getting better and better!

"Ready?" Charlie chuckled as I finished my last mouthful. After wiping my mouth with a napkin, I showed my answer by picking up my bag, jumper and coat before heading to the front door. One problem, once I had done this, I had been pulled back by my arm. "Wait a minute, what's this?" He tickled my tummy making me burst into giggles. "No wonder you're getting so hungry all the time. The baby's stealing all your food!"

"Maybe." I sigh with relief once he stopped. Thank goodness for that! I thought I was going to hurl. Beaming up at my uncle, I try to think of a reason why I got brought away from such an awesome person. "Or I just have a big appetite."

"Right, come on Sierra." Charlie held the front door open and gestured for me to go through. "We both have a big day today and I don't want you to be late on your first day."

I climbed in the Jeep and turned on the radio. The drive to the school was filled with only the conversation of if I'd be OK and how Charlie's business is going. I know, it wasn't much but what more could you ask for on a cloudy Monday morning on my first day? Oh wait, a bit of encouragement could have been sported on Charlie's behalf, but I'm sure I'll be fine!

"Here we are." Charlie turned off the engine before tilting his body to look directly at me. "Now are you sure you'll be OK?"

"Yeah." I lie. Of course I'm not going to be OK. I'm starting back at the school I've been to countless of times before but I can't remember a single moment of it. On top of that, my baby bump decided to show on my first day back and the only way I can hide it is by wearing my jumper all day. Charlie said when the school heaters are on, it feels like summer so that will be a bad idea. "Come on, let's go meet the principle before other people start arriving."

I slammed the car door shut as I made my way up to the large school building. I'm pretty sure it was at least three storeys high, if not, more. To be honest, I'm surprised the building still stands today if what Charlie said is true. The school was built in the early 1800 and has lasted through more attacks and wars than most countries. Impressive, huh?

"Kaitlyn, it's so nice to see you again!" One of the tallest men I have ever seen greeted us at the school entrance. He wore a pale grey suit with a white waist jacket and a white tie. "Charlie's been telling me you've been keeping his house clean while he goes to work."

"Yeah, kinda." I murmur, shaking his hand politely. Looking back at Charlie, I decide to ask the question that was running through my mind. "Uh... who are you?"

"Oh, my apologies." He straightened his blazer before gesturing for us to follow him down some familiar corridors. "I'm Princible Andrews but you can call me Andrew instead. Please, take a seat." I hadn't realized we were in his office already. I obeyed swiftly as he continued. "Now I understand that there is a special circumstance that I need to know about, is that correct?"

"Ah, yes." Charlie perked up as he perched on the edge of his seat. "While Kaitlyn was gone, something happened that made her forget about a lot of things. Including the part about how she got pregnant."

"You're pregnant?" Andrew raised his brow at me in question as I held my bag close to me. "I thought so when you got closer to me in the park in lot. Is there anything you want me to do so that you have a peaceful learning environment?"

"I didn't know it was that big." I speak as Charlie spoke over me. "I don't think that will be necessary. I'm sure Kaitlyn will find a way to tell her classmates without causing an argument."

"I see." The principle moved some papers around on his desk. "Now, you'll be spending the first two lessons doing the standard test we give to all of our new students. It's just so we know what level you are at. Then you can come to me at break and I'll introduce you to one of your classmates who can show you around before you have Maths for third. According to this timetable, you have physical education after lunch but I'll find you something else to do after you catch up on all your work. Is that OK?"

"Yes, Sir." I nod in agreement with everything he was saying. He's talking so much I wish I could punch him in the mouth to get him to shut up. Then again, that wouldn't be a very good first impression when I've only just come back. Not that I remember much of it anyway.

"Now if you just sign the Calina High papers here, I'll go get one of the people who will be supervising you for your first couple of weeks." Charlie and I swapped papers as we waited for Andrew to come back. Was it seriously that hard to find an employee just before school starts? Well this proves that it obviously is. I heard something fall and turn to see an empty doorway with just a black pen rolling. Well that's strange. I wonder who that was. Before my thoughts could go on any longer, the principle was back with a short haired lady. "Kaitlyn, this is Trudy. She'll be with you for the next 2 weeks while you get settled in." 

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