I don't know who I am. I don't know where I am. I don't know what happened to me. The only thing I do know is the fact that I woke up in a small room to the sound of someone trying to break the door down. This is the story about how I learn the true reasons of becoming lost in my own world. I learned to love. I hoped for safety. I lost my way. I trusted nobody.


15. Assumptions

Now that I've managed to soak in all that information, I was finally able to relax as both my dad and I took our seats in the cafe booth. This is pretty deep stuff, not only am I werewolf but I'm an immortal too! That means I can live forever and give whoever I choose the chance to live a very long time along with me. One thing though. How do I do that?

"Good afternoon Sir, how may I help you?" Some young blonde waitress appeared at our side, looking like she was ready to fall asleep at any moment. To be honest, I don't blame her. Even though the cafe had an american diner theme to it, everything looked old and broken rather than new and fun.

"Can I have a large of my usual please?" Dad slid the menu over to me. "Along with whatever Kaitlyn is having as well."

"Uh..." Glancing down at the menu, I mention the first appetizing meal that reached my eyes. "I'll have the large double cheeseburger and fries to go with it please. Tomato ketchup would go just fine, if you have any. Thanks!"

"Kaitlyn, is there something you haven't told me yet?" My father raised his brow at me once the waitress had gone to get our order along with a cup of coffee for my dad and a glass of coke for me.

"Yeah." Pulling my jumper off, I ignore the growl escaping from my stomach. Man, I knew I was hungry but I didn't realize I was this hungry. "Sometime in the short space before I lost my memory, someone decided to make me pregnant."

"Do you know how far along you are?" Running both hands through his hair, I notice my dad was getting uncomfortable with this topic straight away.

"Just over 3 months." I take a sip of my large glass of coke that just arrived. Gulping it down quickly, I add on, "I have a check up after school today. Don't quote me on this one, but Charlie says that it will probably be the last baby check up I get in the hospital."

"That's because he's right." My dad sighed with relief. OK, what the heck was that about? Oh well, I suppose I will find out somewhere in the near future. "So have you been eating a lot since you've found out?"

"I think it's more the case that my appetite has grown to eating everything and anything edible in sight." Well, that is kind of true considering Charlie has made me eat the whole of every dinner even though I've willingly finished it before he's started his. "So when are you gonna tell your pack that you have a daughter?"

"I won't yet." We both mutter thanks as our large plates got placed down before us. My eyes glistening with joy, I dig in. "They're most likely too busy worrying about defeating the Cerda Pack before they manage to get to you or Austen."

"Why Austen?" Well now all the puzzles are starting to be put together. Wonder how long it will take before I know everything.

"He wasn't born in our pack." I tried my best to hide all the giggles rising in my throat at the fact he was speaking between mouthfuls. "Austen has only recently joined our pack, so he is still earning the trust of the rest of the Sierra members. He's the one who found you, so I told him to keep an eye on you while I figure out what to say."

"And why did he join your pack?" My eyes widen as one of the chips that laid on my fork nearly flew into his face. Giggling, I apologize.

"Austen's dad isn't the easiest to talk to." My father looked off to something just behind my head in the distance. Ignoring his distracted eyes, I listen politely. "Not only is he arrogant, obsessive, ignorant and alpha, he also likes to break promises. All I'm going to say is Austen betrayed the Cerdas, causing him to get thrown out of his father's control. Luckily, he managed to find his way to me and asked politely if he could join us. You'll have to ask Austen if you want to know why he decided to leave."

"Oh, OK." Man, I choose the wrong times to say stuff. Especially when I'm eating. I'm definitely not going to be on the table manner's list for this town. The reason why I'm saying this is because several people are gawping at me with horror in their eyes. "So why do you want to talk to Austen and Zack about their fight?"

"Zack's not one of us." Did I just hear a growl escape my dad's lips? I think so. "Zack is a lone wolf and the only reason he gets to run with us on the odd full moon is because he's too young to be able to control his emotions on his own. I'm just glad he hasn't got any innocent girls in trouble."

"What do you mean?" I lean back against the seat as I rub my tummy. Even though I've finished eating, I'm still hungry for a lot more. Everyone in the cafe had either turned their attention back to their own food or were still watching me with wide eyes as I let out a large belch.

"Well, Zack has a habit of getting people into trouble even though they have nothing to do with his tricky situations." OK, I'm super confused right now. How can Zack get loads of people in trouble just by not being able to control his emotions. "That reminds me, have you seen Zack since his argument with Austen?"

"Well..." I really don't want to be talking about this right now. "Zack kind of dragged me out of the school cafeteria just before I went into the Dark Forest. He kind of asked where I was and that, but I'm sure he was just worried. After all, he did kiss me when we were looking for somewhere to stay the night last month."

"He. Did. WHAT?!" My father stood from the table, not taking note to the dozens of heads turned our way. Shortly getting up after him, I try my best to keep up with my dad as he runs out into the Dark Forest. "That little rascal better know whats coming to him! He knew for a fact that I don't have time for his tricks with girls! Especially with the likes of MY daughter! I hope he makes sure he doesn't leave you to raise the cub on your own..."

"Dad, he's not..." I get cut off as I hear a whack hit the side of a tree, making it tumble down onto the ground. My eyes widen as I see a large body land back first onto the rocks raised at the side of where the tree stood. "Zack!"

"What do you think you're doing?!" My dad grabbed Zack by his multicolored jumper and pushed him up against yet another firm tree. Zack's eyes widened, looking every bit scared as I did the moment I woke up to Austen's green eyes. Uh oh, what the heck do I do now?!

"What does it look like I'm doing?!" Zack tried to free himself from the tight grasp he was held in. I sure wish there was some way I can help him. Looking around, I try my best to think of something quick before anything gets worse.

"You're the one who's making my daughter have a cub in 6 months!" Dad slammed Zack against the tree over and over as he spoke with rage filling every inch of his aging body. "You're the one who promised me you wouldn't touch a single member of my pack!"

"I only kissed her!" Tears formed in my eyelids as no ideas were forming in my brain. "Mr Sierra, what's made you act like this?!"

"You betrayed me!" Zack ducked as claws went flying over his head in one big swing. Woah! How the heck did I miss the moment my father transformed?! Jumping back, I dodge the near hit I received from Zack lunging straight into my dad's torso. Both in wolf form.

Trying my best not to cringe, I climb up the nearest tree and notice Zack was being ripped of his fur as he fell against the cold hard floor. I covered my ears as yelps of pain could be heard from the wolf form that looked as though he was having a seizure underneath the one only a fraction bigger. Is that blood dripping from my dad's fangs? Oh no, it can't be.

"DAD DON'T HURT HIM!" Leaping off the tree, I felt and heard something snap. What the heck is that?! Huh?! I felt something move inside of me as freckles of brown and blonde fur grew from every inch of my body. Soon enough, I was a large wolf just as big as my own father. Huh, considering I thought I took my height from my mother, I really need to make sure I get my facts right first.

Pouncing towards the scrambling wolves, I realize the ferocious growl was in fact coming from me and not from one of the two men I was facing. Swinging my paws up to my face, I block the blow that was about to come my way as I land right into the open paws of Zack. Something cracked and it took me moments to realize that it wasn't the floor beneath us. It was my paw.

Howling with the pain that reeked through my body, I tried my best to let it all come down to a calm hum. I pray silently that my dad has finally taken his attention away from Zack as I recover. Guess I was right because both wolves were next to me in an instant, transforming back into their human forms as they crouched down either side of me.

"Kaitlyn, are you OK?!" My father seemed to have gasped as brought his attention away from Zack who seemed to have been having a panic attack just a few millimeters away from me. "Kaitlyn, talk to me. Please!"

"You..." I murmured as another flood of pain rushed down my arm as I was now back in my jeans and green shirt. "Hurt... Me... Dad..."

"Dad?" Zack turned to my father with his mysterious brown eyes now alarmed and looked sharp with fear. "You're her dad?!"

"Yeah, do you have a problem with that?!" As I writhed in pain, neither of them seemed to have noticed the fact my stomach was now twice it's size. That was all I could stare at. How the heck is that possible?!

"Zack..." I tapped his arm as he growled in the direction my dad was snarling. "Zack! Dad! Shut up and look!"

Both eyes snapped towards my stomach which seemed to have been gradually getting smaller with every breath I breathe. I felt queasy, holding onto Zack's arm was the only thing I could do as I felt myself heat up for the first time since I abandoned Zack by the riverbed. Oh boy, this baby is gonna be one heck of a job to look after when it's born.

"Kaitlyn?!" Huh? My head turned in the direction to where the voice belonged. Wait a second, is that Charlie?!

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