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  • Published: 25 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 25 Apr 2014
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It is inspired by Jessie J's song''Price Tag''


1. excellent

        Today is Pia's tenth year working at the same old diner. She was sixteen when she started working in the turbulent summer of 2000. Now, ten years later,the young woman was feeling unhappier and dissatisfied from life than ever. Pia every day is busting her ass off but still she couldn't save enough money to buy herself a descent home. She lives alone in a small flat. There was no one who could help her. In one year, when she was sixteen, firstly her father died. The man was all his life an alcoholic,so Pia didn't regret much for him. She couldn't forget all the abuse and fear from her father. Two months later, her dear mother also passed away. Pia's tragedy was enormous. Even now, ten years later. Life was so harsh on her ever since she was little girl. She learned a long ago to count only on herself but nobody can face difficulties and problems so alone, without any kind of help                . . . .                                                                                Pia has light blue eyes and voice cold as steel. She learned to speak that way because she sees in people who visited the diner only egoists and devils in disguise. Many of them were rude to her but their attitude only fuels her to treat them worse than dogs, without any respect. In that tragic 2000, Pia promised herself to revenge LIFE for turning her into almost a lunatic who suffers alone by NEVER being polite to people. Pia never smiles, never talks kind words. Her tone was rigid and cold. In combination to her eyes, Pia's look seems kind of dangerous. . . .         The next work day for Pia was more than tedious. She was working unwillingly,without giving herself much effort. It was obvious that she doesn't care about the diner or her colleagues. But what really irritated her that particular day were few lines from a song she heard on the radio in the eating-house. The lines were:''it's not about the money, money...forget about the price tag....''                                                                                                                                            -I have never heard a dumber song in my life!-thought Pia                                                           -How naive you should be to believe that money are not important.                                         Maybe because for the poor young girl money was a deficit all her life, that's why she doesn't believe that being rich cannot make you really happy. Who could blame the girl? Pia's life was a mess. With her salary she couldn't afford many of the things she wanted. Pia was so very angry to the whole damn world. Everything was so unfair. The young woman suffers inside and was sick of living the same so many years. After 10 years of hard work, for Pia everything remains the same. But Pia made a decision to become rich even the unfair way. She was determined to rob the diner at night. . . .                                                                                                                   Seven hours later, right on midnight Pia broke in the diner. Before that she turned off the alarm. The young girl went very quietly to the register, pressed four buttons and grabbed the whole turnover. She did it with gloves in her hands. Pia was watching a criminal movie or another. After a while she set the alarm again and rushed to her old jalopy. The woman started the engine. The job was done-neat and clear. The night was ink -dark and no light was coming from nowhere. It started to rain intensely. Inside the car Pia felt finally happy. For the first time since.....she could hardly remember since when exactly. While driving, Pia looked at the money again and started imagining what would she buy with it. But that moment when the woman was in a state of dreaming, something happened. The road was slippery wet and the car bumped onto a telegraph pole. The young girl hit her head at the steering wheel and remained immovable for twenty minutes. . . .                                                                                                       She opened slowly her eyes. Her neck was cramped. She couldn't move a lot. Then Pia started crying. She was thinking that this accident was maybe a sign from above that indicates that she has done something bad. -I know that stealing is not a virtue but what else should I do, God, to live well. Many thoughts like this one crossed her head that night. Somehow, the girl drove to her flat. She didn't pick the money with herself. She didn't wanted it any more. They wouldn't bring her peace or happiness. That night Pia understood that no matter what you work, how you live, who you love or in what do you believe, the priceless thing in life is health.

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