The Knowing » h.s.

❝Everyone keeps saying he doesn't exist. France, am I going insane?❞

It's Kate's first day in her new apartment and something is already bothering her. Her neighbor, a teenage boy, seems to always disappear when people are around, except for her.

Everyone claims that no one lives in Apartment 512, but she believes otherwise. He's not a ghost, she's sure. But something about the way he acts triggers her curiosity and interest.

But first thing's first. Who is he and is he really who she thinks he is?


2. i. Storm

i. Storm

Water splashed about my feet as I ran across the pavement, my heart beating hard against my chest.

It didn't help that it was a very stormy night, and the lightning kept travelling down like a long, bright crooked stick. Thunder rumbled in the night air, disrupting the peaceful ambiance of the night that I had grown to love. Rain was pouring down in large chunks and my body was being drenched from head to toe. And by now, my legs were starting to hurt because of the running I was doing, it wasn't long before I decided to just stop and take a quick rest under a nearby waiting shed. It was a surprise that it wasn't in the worst condition as it should be, but the inside probably would be worse - not like I really cared. Right now, I just needed shelter and rest. My legs were beginning to feel like jelly from the running.

I ran away from home tonight. Not because I was rebelling from my parents or something, but because I full of them - all of them. I was the youngest of three sisters, so normally I was favoured by my parents. They always treated me like a baby, bought me any dress my eyes landed on and treated me with more care than my older sisters, Cara and Laurice. Basically, I was very much envied by them. But then again, I wasn't entirely Cinderella. I didn't have an evil stepmother, and my sisters weren't evil at all. I just lacked the kind of love younger sisters usually got from older sisters. As for my parents, a lot of girls would probably kill to be in my position, you know, being the favourite daughter of the two most successful businessman and woman. But they were being too tight and they babied me too much that I was running out of air to breath.

So there I was, with a whole street to myself so I can breathe. But it wasn't as pleasant as I had planned it to be - not that I did much of that to begin with.

A sudden ray of light illuminated the path in front of me, making me jerk my head up towards the source. A black car could be seen zooming in through the thick mass of rain and fog. It drove steadily towards my direction, and I debated on whether stopping it to ask for a ride or not.

But my indecision was cleared when the vehicle stopped before me, making me bend down to see through the tinted windows. But before I could see anyone or anything, a tall man in a hooded jacket stepped out, an umbrella in hand, and went his way over to me. His leather boots made splashing sounds against the water, until they stopped right in front of me.

I raised my head to look at the person's face, but the hood was preventing me from doing so, and that bothered me.

"You need a ride?" he asked in slow and seductive manner. I nodded my head in response almost immediately, and that was all it took for him to turn about on his heels.

Taking that as an invitation to join him in the car, I quickly followed behind his steps and entered the passenger's seat. I knew if my parents were here, they would quickly tell me off for entering a stranger's car like that - especially at night. But I was desperate. No other sane driver would drive under this weather on a deserted road, and I really needed to get somewhere warm and dry.

The man soon followed after, hopping in the driver's seat making the car shuffle lightly. He closed his umbrella, shaking off excess rainwater, before throwing it to the back seat. How neat. He took one short glance at me - that was all I needed to see his face - and drove off on the quiet New Jersey street. I contemplated his features as he did.

Curls stuck out from under his hood, and he had deep green eyes, like jade or green sapphire, that showed no sign of happiness nor sorrow, and his cherry lips were slightly parted as they took in heaps of breath, his chest heaving along with it. He also had a fairly sharp jawline that added more to his masculinity. All in all, I would say he was beautiful. But I couldn't because his features looked glum and sullen - it was as if there was no life behind them.

I rested back on my seat, feeling the rough upholstery against my skin. My eyes were shut tight, bothered by what was bothering this kind man beside me. I knew I shouldn't be involved in whatever is happening with his life that caused those creases to form on his forehead, but I couldn't help but at least worry about the guy who rescued me from that storm. It was the least I could do, right?

I took one more glance at him, before leaning my head back on the seat. And slowly, I started to fall asleep to the calming sound of the raindrops pouring against the metal car roof.

Little did I know that this was going to be the start of something I would have never expected.

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