A Power

Emily Duncan is a young witch of 12 years old. She starts Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry into the 2nd year and settles in with the Golden Trios kids. Together they journey Hogwarts and go on adventures. But is Hogwarts still safe or are they still out there, bidding their time?


2. Sorting

As Emily sat in Professor Dumbledore's Office she looked around. Grand cabinets lined the room. They were filled with many curious and delicate looking things. On the far side of the office where steps up to a balcony, that Emily Duncan could only assume, led to his Living Quarters. In the corner of the room sat a red Phoenix. It was sitting on a perch and looking intently at Miss. Duncan.

"Well, take a seat Miss. Duncan. I can trust you have finished studying my office." Smiled Professor Dumbledore.

"Thank you Professor. Yes Professor." Said Emily hastily. She didn't want to give the wrong impression, but the offices in the orphanage where nothing compared with this.

"Now Emily, at Hogwarts there are 4 houses. Gryffindor - known for being daring and brave, Hufflepuff - known for being loyal and hard-working, Ravenclaw - known for being kind and ready to learn, Slytherin - known for being cunning and making real friends. I will sort you into your house using the Sorting Hat." He smiled.


It sat on her head and began to talk. "Emily Duncan, eh?" Began the Sorting Hat. "The only one of the Duncan's left. Well, I see: bravery, a thirst to prove herself, a good mind and loyalty. But where to put you?"

"Please not Slytherin. Gryffindor. Please not Slytherin. Gryffindor." Emily chanted.

"Not Slytherin. Gryffindor. I would have thought Ravenclaw after your family, but if that is your wish... GRYFFINDOR!" The Sorting Hat yelled.

"Well done Emily." Said Dumbledore. "I shall call someone to take you to the dorms."

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