A Power

Emily Duncan is a young witch of 12 years old. She starts Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry into the 2nd year and settles in with the Golden Trios kids. Together they journey Hogwarts and go on adventures. But is Hogwarts still safe or are they still out there, bidding their time?


3. Meeting him

As Emily Duncan sat in Professor Dumbledore's Office she couldn't help but let her eyes wonder the shelves that covered the wall. 'Riddle' one was labelled. Emily knew that name. But from where?

She was snapped out of her thoughts by, non the other than, Harry Potter.

"Follow me." Harry smiled. As they exited Dumbledore's office she looked at him.


"The names Harry, Harry Potter." Harry said.

"I gathered as such." She replied. "Emily, Emily Duncan."

"I have heard of you, you feature in many Defence Against Dark Arts books with me. I am going to show you to the dormitories and then you may as well meet Ron and Hermione." Harry grinned.

As they arrived in the 'Common Room' she looked around. It was lavishly furnished with purple furniture and lions. He led her up the stairs to the boys dormitory.

"Ron, come here." Harry shouted before adding. "And be fully clothed with your gown on."

A boy named Ronald Weasley come rushing down the stairs and smiled warmly when he saw me.

"Emily Duncan," he smiled. "Never thought I'd meet you. Why so early Harry?" He said playfully.

Harry shrugged and led the way to the girls dorm. "Go and get Hermione, only girls can go in girls dorms but girls can visit boys. You'll have no trouble spotting her, shell be doing homework or reading a book." He grinned.

Emily walked up the stone stairs and stopped at a door. As Emily pushed it open she saw 3 four poster beds with purple sheets and curtains. And as Harry had said Hermione was reading a book. Emily walked over to her.


"Hermione." Smiled Emily. "Harry and Ron asked me to fetch you."

"I thought they would." She said grimly. "Emily Duncan. You are quite and interesting topic to research you know." She smiled.

Emily frowned.

"I'll let you find out why yourself," added Hermione. 


- About a 2 hours later -

"Lets head off to bed." Yawned Harry.

"Yes," yawned Hermione, Ron and Emily.



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