A Power

Emily Duncan is a young witch of 12 years old. She starts Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry into the 2nd year and settles in with the Golden Trios kids. Together they journey Hogwarts and go on adventures. But is Hogwarts still safe or are they still out there, bidding their time?


4. Bullies and classes

Emily Duncan sat watching the lake with her back against a tree. A group of three Slytherin boys approached her. The leader smirked at the others then turned to Emily.

"Aha." He smirked. "Emily Duncan. My father was never a fan."

"If that's all you've got to say then go." Snapped Emily.

The boy continued like he hadn't been interupted - "And like father like son/daughter. Neither am I. But you would never know would you. Never know because your family's dead. And they disserved it didn't they, Emily."

The wind picked up, but the boy continued. "I'll see to the task of putting you where you belong."  He hissed, raising his wand. "Oh, I forgot. Duncan here can do no magic." He snorted.

Suddenly a voice that was not Emily spoke through her. "She has power beyond magic. You Death Eaters biggest mistake was killing us and leaving Emily. My daughter has the power of every Duncan running through her blood. She could kill all three of you now without a wand and without saying a word. We will spare you this time. But no more."

Emily Duncan picked up her bag and left, she smiled to herself knowing that it was her Dad who had spoken. George Duncan.


- Snape's class -


As Emily walked in she stared at the teacher. Pure hatred flew into her eyes. She continued to walk fists clenched, eyes closed.

"You can open your eyes, Miss. Duncan" He smirked.

"You know full well that you do not want that." She replied fighting to calm her increasing anger. " I cannot always hold my ancestors back, and today I do not think I can." She sighed. Though her eyes where closed she knew the Professor was scared.

She relented and opened them. A great blue flash shot from her eyes to the professor. When the smoke cleared everyone stared at Emily.

"Well, I said we would spare no more. Severus Snape, mass murderer and killer of me and George Duncan. He should have expected it." Hissed a female voice from inside Emily. "You never mess with a Duncan and live. Beware Slytherins. We live inside Emily. And a greater insult than you cast earlier and Emily will not be able to hold us back. We hurt Severus because he is filth. He killed with no remorse. He knew when Emily walked in what to expect. But do not fear Emily. Those who befriend and help her, we will help. Those who hurt will follow in Severus' footsteps. Those friends will need help sometimes and only we can give it. Harry Potter, Ronald Wealey and Hermione Granger we are ever at your side." Finished the voice.


"Thank you Elizabeth Duncan." Said Dumbledore. "Emily, come to my office."

"You would not." Hissed the voice.

"No Elizabeth I would not. I am going to give what I should of all along. Her family history and the legacy of you Mrs. Duncan."

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