Story ideas❤️❤️❤️

So I always think of these story ideas and want to right a story about them but never get to it. So know the ideas will go to use and I won't have to feel bad. So I'll right the idea you comment if you want and I'll randomly choose someone they will get to use the idea to right a story and my ask for my help at time.


1. idea 1

So here's my first idea. Please tell me if you think this is a positively stupid idea it would save me A LOT of writing like a lot.

So the idea has a little sci-if and a little fan fiction in it. It is about a eleven year old girl who lives in Puako Hawaii and has lived there her whole life. Pretty much her family is special and when there is need for them in the past they come. They are other family's to. Pretty much this girl is totally normal has a normal life there is abaoluty nothing interesting about her. She is adapted BUT she doesn't know she is her parents haven't told her. Suddenly she is transported to the future. World War II to be specific. She is suddenly an eighteen year old girl called Abby styles and her older brother just returned from war. She is a royal family and is to marry prince Zayn Malik. She is told this at a royal dinner her brother Harry styles is also to marry Jade Thirlwall. After she agrees to marry zayn and Harry agrees to marry jade thinking it was all a dream and all. But suddenly she leaves this dream and is a normal girl again. But then she looked down and sees that she's older taller and taller. She looks around and realizes she's not in her bedroom. She walks down and sees zayn in the kitchen looking very realived. Maybe this was his house. Abby says hi. Zayn screams and turns around but says perrie don't scare me. I'm not perrie. Zayn then searches Zayn Malik. Good I'm still famous wait. What's your name. Abby why. I think we're dating. What. Come see. Management then calls them in and says. Hey you guys need to get pregnant.

Please tell if This is good or not. Tell me if I need more info. Remember comment u want 2 use it and in the next chapter I'll say who can use it. Please don't use it if u didn't get it. Peace out

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