Ghost house

i've always wanted to see a ghost house because my grandpa tells me many stories about the. Today we are going to pick up my mum's friend from work, but suddently something pulls me into a corner


2. the night before

For dinner we are having chicken and potatoes with some salad, I like the potatoes most, but the chicken is good too. After dinner I’m playing on my computer for about half an hour. “It’s bed time” mum says, “Tomorrow we are going to pick up my friend from work” she adds. “Yes I remember” I replied. I’m almost asleep but I usually spend a lot of time thinking about my surprise from Jin and Jinni. Maybe it is a mini game, or a sweet, or what about a little toy? I’m looking at the bookshelf, I want to read a book but I’m too lazy to get one. Finally I get one. For me an important rule is that when you go to bed after 7 ‘o’ clock and you are alone, you must have your feet either on it or 1 meter away from it. Do you want to know why? Because there might be a witch under the bed who will pull you down. Goodnight.

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