Ghost house

i've always wanted to see a ghost house because my grandpa tells me many stories about the. Today we are going to pick up my mum's friend from work, but suddently something pulls me into a corner


1. Good night stories

My grandpa tells me many stories about many things like animals, playing outside, parties and things like that, but mostly, I like ghost stories. For about half a year ago, when I was 3 and three quarters (you have to remember the 3 quarters!) I stopped with my dummy; I got 2 ghosts as my friends. Every day from that day, they usually give me a sweet every day, even though it is a bit weird that mum buys the same candies as the ghosts put under my pillow, I still believe in them like many other people, but I’m not like many people who don’t believe in ghosts. I like the tooth fairy too, but I like the ghost friends most. By the way I forgot to tell you that the ghost’s name is Jin and the ghosty’s name is Jinni (means ghost and ghosty in Urdu, and ghosty means a female ghost in my own language, if you wondered)

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