Ghost house

i've always wanted to see a ghost house because my grandpa tells me many stories about the. Today we are going to pick up my mum's friend from work, but suddently something pulls me into a corner


4. ghost house or my house?

I see nothing. Suddenly there’s a light and I see a robot guarding the door. I’m in a line of people who look so scared. The flashlight stops and I find myself back in my own apartment. “Mum, Dad?” I call. No one is there. Wait a sec; I’m not in my own apartment. Somebody enters the room. “Is it you dad?” I open my eyes. It is not my dad, it is a ghost. I’m really scared. I don’t know what to do. Puff, I got an idea. This house looks exactly like my house, I know all the places, it is my responsibility to save it. I push him into my hiding corner and put a stack of chairs on him. Then I push the cubbies into the corner so that he can’t escape. I run into the kitchen bub suddenly something makes me stand still…

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