Ghost house

i've always wanted to see a ghost house because my grandpa tells me many stories about the. Today we are going to pick up my mum's friend from work, but suddently something pulls me into a corner


5. a fight in the night

It is Medusa! She is luckily looking the other way. I get some sunglasses and I really carefully put them on her and hide. I find some sleeping pills in a corner. I take about 50 and from behind, I put them in her mouth. She should be death. Now I give 50 sleeping pills to the ghost. For the vampire I have other plans. I get some garlic and a flashlight. Now I tell him to eat the garlic, “or else” I whisper, while pointing at the flashlight. I turn on the flashlight since he didn’t want to eat the garlic. The witch I throw out of the window and lock the door. I try to turn on the light but it just gets darker and darker. At last it is so dark that I can’t see a thing. I’m getting dizzy….

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