One Night? Or Something More?

This is not my room. Where am I and who's bed is this? Why is my dress spread across the bedroom floor? Fuck, what happened?

19 year old, foreign exchange student Alexandra has never had a morning like this ever in her life. So how would you get out of a house with five familiar looking guys guarding the door? What happens when you start to see them everywhere and everyday. Will they become friends? Or something more?


1. The Sneakout


     I wake up in someone else's room with nobody beside me."Shit!Shit! My roommate is going to be pissed" I thought to myself. I then pull back the snow white comforter and got out of the bed then started to stretch. I look down at myself, I'm just in my undergarments with my dress ripped spread across the room. I quickly grabbed the first pair of pants and the first shirt I saw and quickly put them on and quietly stepped into the kitchen. I could hear the sound of voices coming from the living room. I mentally cursed to myself realizing that the front door was pass the living room. I quietly passed the table but then I heard something

     "So how was last night man?" A mans voice said

      "It was great."  A different voice said

     "Is she still here?" The voice who asked the question

     "She should be, considering that's the only door. I'll go check."

     I then went and looked for a hiding spot. I darted for underneath the table. I then heard footsteps coming closer and closer, they then stopped right in front of me. I just kept staring their, but has soon as the table cloth was lifted. I did what any normal person would do. I screamed.

a/n: what do you think? should I continue?

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