The unexpected

The unexpected fight about magical monsters and the human race.


1. Meeting the monsters

In a spooky dark forest there lived a werewolf. He never met his family his mother and father ran away with the pack when he was a young, small pup. He was bitten when he was born to insure he was a werewolf and the pack left him shortly afterwards. He had lots of magical friends that will never run away from him. His first ever friend was a unicorn, her name was Zingarette and she was very brave. The others were imps,a group of hippocampus, lethifold, grindilow, erumpent, erkling, crup, tebo, chimaera, jarvey, nundu and many more magical creatures.


The werewolf's name was unknown so he was called "leader". He didn't want a name as he thought it was a parents position to name their child. He knew his true name though so he told them and that's what they call him. Leader. No one will suspect it is his real name, so he uses it because he knows his friends won't betray him since it is the one thing that has complete power over him.


He considers these creatures his pack and believes that his other was not his true pack because a true pack never leaves a member behind. He doesn't trust to well because he knows nothing as it seems.

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