Long Summer Nights

When the new girl Natalie starts at Lakewood high school she develops a crush on a guy she thinks she will have no chance with... Will this mystery guy fall for Natalie as well or is it just another teenage fantasy?....


1. ~Introduction~

Hey I'm Natalie,

Im 16 years old turning 17 in about two months I have brown straight hair, bluey green eyes I have a light caramel tan I love the beach and eating but like anybody in my family I love rugby! I'm not like most girls in town I would actually rather have a few friends over with some movies and popcorn rather than go to a party every Saturday night. Don't get me wrong I like doing that to but it's just not me. I live in the small town of Wellington in New Zealand with my huge family in the biggest house on the north island. In my house there is my five brothers and three sisters and of course our parents. Jake is the oldest boy he's 24 and works in the food shop down the road from our house yes I know he still lives at home because he got kicked out of his recent house because he didn't pay the bills, the second oldest is Chase he is 21 and my closest brother because he protects me, he works as a personal trainer in the local gym, next is my brother Alex he is 19 and he doesn't work he is way too lazy all he does is sleep,drink and play his xbox,the next is Trent he is also 19yes him and Alex are twins and Trent party's all the time he is best friends with my boyfriend, lastly is one of the baby's of the family Sean he is the biggest flirt ever and apparently one of the most popular guys at the school I'm starting in great (not the sarcasm) he is 17 turning 18 in a few weeks and is the sporty one he loves rugby more than he loves me so yeah. Next are my 3 little sisters Ruby is 14 she is so annoying but I love her she's amazing, next in line is Tania she's 10 and sleeps all the time and then there is Sasha she is 5 and cries non stop about nothing. We live with our mum and dad but they barely see us because mum is a model on the road and dad is a singer so we kinda don't have a choice but to look after one another.

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