Long Summer Nights

When the new girl Natalie starts at Lakewood high school she develops a crush on a guy she thinks she will have no chance with... Will this mystery guy fall for Natalie as well or is it just another teenage fantasy?....


2. ~Eventful Morning~

"NAT GET YOUR ASS UP RIGHT NOW OR YOUR GONNA BE LATE ON YOUR FIRST DAY!" I hear my eldest brother Chase yell from downstairs. I groan attempting to open my eyes but I just can't do it. "WAKE UP LAZY!" My little sister Tania yells while walking past my bedroom. "IM COMING OKAY" I yell hoping everybody heard me. I finally get the strength to get up. I get dressed into black jeans with little rips in them and a white obey singlet my vans and my brothers baggy white hoodie. I ran to the bathroom and quickly applied some light makeup and ran downstairs where my brothers were sitting eating their cereal. "Look who finally decided to wake up" Chase chuckles while putting a huge spoonful of coco pops in his mouth "haha funny" I say getting a bowl out of the cupboard. *DING DONG* "ILL GET IT" jake yells running to the door he's such a little kid at heart. All of a sudden I heard a squeal and some girl with bleached blonde hair came rushing in. She pushed me out of the way and ran straight over to my brother Trent "hey babe!" She says pulling him towards her "hey!" Trent says looking over at me to check if I was okay. "Excuse you" I say I really didn't mean to but it slipped out "what did you just say to me loser!" She yells at me letting go of my brothers hand "you heard me skank!" I yell back, "you better watch what you say slut before I kick your ass what are you even doing in this house?!" She yelled back even louder "I live here dumb ass and you can't touch me or you'll lose your precious Trent!" I say clenching my fists trying to hold them back, "what?! Ew you actually live here!?, no I so won't lose Trent because he's on my side! Right babe?" She turns to Trent doing that stupid puppy dog face "go on Trent tell her! Tell her that you will stick up for me and not eww her!" She yells in his face I look over at Trent and give him that look I can already tell what he's going to say "Actually I would stick up for my sister and not you Monique because she's family and your just a girl and I've been wanting to say this for a very long time but we are over! Get out of my house I don't want to see you here again and if I ever hear about you trying to fight or making up shit about her I will kick your ass for her!" Trent yells back at her and is now clenching his fists. Monique runs out of the house screaming and all I do is look at Trent he looks broken now I really didn't mean for it to go that far but what's done is done. "Trent i.." He cut me off "no it's fine I'm glad you did that I didn't like her anymore anyway now go and get ready for school I'll take you soon" he says his face lightening in to a smile. I smile back and run upstairs to finish getting ready.

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