Katherine's Afterlife

Justin lived a normal life...tht is until the love of his life dies. His world will never be the same. But Katherine's Afterlife lives on forever.


3. New girl💁/ Memorial?🌷


I woke up and got dressed for school. I hurried out the door. And instead of the usual "bye mom". I just hugged her and shut up for a while. She smiled. 

"I low you mom" I said.

"I love you too" she smiled. I ran out. I walked to school. Everyone on the way...hugged me or said something nice. All the same. I walked into my classroom. I sat down silently. The teacher assigned us new seats. Me next to...well no one. 

I was fine with that though. No more hugs and I'm sorries. Then a girl walked in. I had never seen her before. She had light blondish brown hair. She smiled and talk to the teacher then sat next to me. She had hazel eyes.

"Hi" she said to me.

"Hi" I said.

She turned and we read. We didn't say another word. I walked out and walked to my next class. I was trying to get through school as fast as I could. 

After school I stayed there. In the front of the school. I saw Mr. Caffner taking to a man. 

"Shouldn't she deserve that?" Mr. Caffner asked.

"Yes but I don't think we could afford that" the man said back.

"We can find some way...she just needs to be remembered" Mr. Caffner said. And then I couldn't hear the rest of their conversation because they had walked away to far.

We're they talking about Katherine?

I walked home. No one was there. Thank god. I got home and sat done on my bed. I fell asleep fast.

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