Katherine's Afterlife

Justin lived a normal life...tht is until the love of his life dies. His world will never be the same. But Katherine's Afterlife lives on forever.


5. Elizabeth👩/ DIARY 1

5DAYS AFTER.   I wasn't going to miss another day of school. So I got up and got ready. My eyes were re from all the crying. I just walked into the hallway. It had seemed like everyone had knew I had finally broken. But I just looked straight forward and walked to my first class. I walked in and sat in my new spot next to the new girl. She looked at me but didn't smile.   "You okay?" she asked.   I just nodded.   "No your not...I get it.." she said.   "You get it?! How do you get it!?" I said upset looking at her now.   "Yeah I do...I heard about Katherine and I under-" she began to say.   I don't know if it was because I was already in a pissy mood. Or because I had very one stare at me. Or because I was still upset about Katherine. Or I was mad because she acted like she understood. Or because she acted like she knew my Katherine. But I lost it.   "What?!" I said as I stood up inturupting her.   She looked at me stunned.   "You don't know Katherine!? And if you int! You Probabily wouldn't have gave a shot about her like these other people who act like they care" I pointed at all the people in the room."But you don't! She was the best! And she was mine! An now she's gone! She's gone" I was loosing my voice and my eyes were filled wit tears. "Don't you sit here and tell me you know what I'm going through! Because you don't! You don't understand shit!" I screamed and the teacher walked in. I just ran out to cry in the hallway. I didnt care if I got in trouble.    I sat there for two minutes before I heard the door open. I was crying on the floor my head on my knees. I isn't care to look up. Whoever it was sat next to me.   "My dad died two years ago.." she said. I looked up. My eyes were blurry but I could see it was the new girl.   "I'm Elizabeth" she said looking at me her eyes watery.   "Im sorry" I stuttered out. She swallowed hard holding back the tears. She looked at the ceiling. But when she looked back down tears fell.   "I'm sorry for your loss" she said.   "Me too" I said.   We cried together. We just hugged and sat there crying for a while.    "Justin" I finally said.   "Huh?"   "Im Justin" I said wiping my eyes.   "Nice to meet you" she smiled wiping her tears.   We stood up. "I should go.." she said. Before I could say another word she had walked away.   6 DAYS AFTER.   Almost a week. Last night I listened to her voice and cried myself to sleep. I got up and got dressed got today. If I wanted to graduate I couldn't be missing a lot of school days. I guess I'd save them. I walked into school. I saw Elizabeth. And we smile at eachother.   KATHERINE's DIARY PAGE 1   Dear Diary,                      March, 12th   Hi I'm Katherine. I don't have much to say. For now. I just...umm I'm Seventeen. I like this guy Justin. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me back. I've love him since like we were smaller. And yeah. I not pretty enough for him. I'm too fat. And ugly and stupid. That's why I do what I do. Right now Diary...your all I have. No one else cares about me. My mother and siblings say they do. But I know if I died one day they wouldn't care. I'm pretty worthless. I don't deserve to live. But for some odd reason I keep righting? I guess im kinda strong? Better than nothing right? I guess so. Well yeah I'll keep up with you later then Diary.                                        Love, Katherine  
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