Katherine's Afterlife

Justin lived a normal life...tht is until the love of his life dies. His world will never be the same. But Katherine's Afterlife lives on forever.


4. Broken.😭💔👊

4 DAYS AFTER.   The next morning I woke up to my alarm . I had set it up the other day for Saturday to see Katherine's parents.    I got up and got dressed. I wore the shirt Katherine had loved on me. It was a green button up. She said its brought out my eyes.   I walked to her parents house. I knocked softly.   Finally the door creaked open. Her Father stood there. He looked at me and Nodded then let me in. Her father never liked me when I dated Katherine though. He always told her I was a bad influence. Well not saying I was that good but I wasn't that bad either. I walked in. Their house was dark. Suddenly everything seemed so dim. I walked in and saw her mother on the couch crying. She liked me.   "Justin?" she asked.   "Yeah" I said.   She called me over. I walked over to her. She hugged me tight. "Thank you" she said softly.    "For what?" I asked.   "For everything" she said.   My eyes grew watery again. But again I fought the tears. We sat down and ate microwaved food and watch a movie.    After the movie was over we talked about her. Her favorite stuff like movies, music, color, author, and etc.   She was so unique. So precious. And why did I suddenly realize this now? When it's too late.   We talked for about an hour. "Sweetie the funeral is...well...in may..." her mother said.   "At the church?" I asked.   "No...he wanted it someplace else...i know it far...but he wanted it on her birthday.   "Yeah it's fine..."   "Would you like to speak?"   I'd be happy too" I nodded.   Her father nodded. He held me shoulder tight. His eyes red. He faked a smile. "Thanks".   That was the first time I had ever realized that he was thankful for me. Maybe he didn't hate me because I was bad. But because I was dating his daughter. But he knew that I made her happy. Or in some sort. Because I knew Katherine was never very happy.   She used to talk about her real dad. Yeah I know I called the man her father but that's how I felt about him. He protected her, like a father would. Her stepfather Atleast.   Anyways her dad had left when she was four. Drug addict, a drunk, in all and asshole. He would tell her mother terrible things. Threaten her. And he had been to jail about three times already. He was a stupid man. He called Katherine at one in the morning to pick him up. She would be pissed but do it anyways. "He's still my dad" she would say.   But this year...she lost all contact with him. I guess she was done with that bootycall crap. Then she also had people that called her things. I mean everyone has those. Well she HAD those. Now she said that it was herself. That she started to believe it herself. She was never skinny enough, or smart enough, or preatty enough, and etc. she was just trash. So about her eighth grade year and all the way to soft-more year she began to purge. But then she began to cut that year. I think her  soft more yer was her worst year. She cut, purged, took pills, etc. her parents made her see a therapist. As didn't like it. She felt as if he was to pushy. I remmber her telling me.   FLASHBACK.   We sat down at the foot of her bed. "They took me to see a therapist!" she said upset.    "Baby...that's good..." I smiled as I held her hand.   "No I tried it babe...it was terrible.. He wants to know everything! What I do. An it's not like he understands...all he does is nod as say continue! It's bullshit!" she said.   Ihugged her "Don't worry...I'm herder for you no matter what" I said.   "I love you" she smiled then kissed me passionately.   END OF FLASHBACK.   I smiled at the thought of her kiss.    "She never wanted to see a therapist.." I suddenly blurted out. "Yeah we know...we just couldn't think of anything else...she was sick" her mother said.   "Jist because we was a little sad doesn't mean he was sick" I said upset and a little too defensively.   "No Justin...she had depression" her father said. I looked down. The tears in my eyes were getting stronger. "I should go" I said. I had been there all day long anyways. It was 9:56pm. I walked back home. My mother greeted me but I just walked to my room and locked the door. I layed on my bed and took out my phone and called Katherine's cellphone. It rang. Ring.ring.ring.    "Goes to automatic tone..." the voice said.   "Hey sorry beautiful can't get to the phone right now! Leave me a message and I pinky promise I'll call" I could hear her say. That's when I lost it.   I couldn't see a thing with all the tees falling. I cried loudly. "No no!! Katherine! No you! You pinky promised!!" I screamed crying. I cried myself to sleep that night.
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