Neverland // H.S

Annamarie dreamed every night of living in her own personal neverland. A place where nothing could hurt her, a place where she would be happy. Forever, but that's a fantasy. Nobody can live forever and Annamarie soon learns the truth to the statement. When she meets Harry, she believes he's like her own little dream. Somebody to make her smile when nobody else could. When he's on tour, problems erupt and her dreams begin falling. Watch as both lovers go on to try and create a perfect life for them both.


2. Neverland : Two


   Dear Annie,


   I miss you so much baby girl! Your smile, kisses, hugs, voice. I miss everything! Please don't stop writing letters! I can't survive months without knowing what's going on! Speaking of what's going on, what is? You aren't bothering me by telling me what's wrong! If it helps, I'm insisting you tell me! I don't want you to bottle things up again! We all know where it got us the last time! Don't worry, you're not at all depressing! You're upset and so am I. I wish you could be here but your mother's answer was no and I have to respect that. It's hard I know but between concerts I'll do everything I can to come and see you! I'd fly across the world if I had to, and even if it meant only having one second with you, I'd take it!

  I'm happy Johnny gave you there bear! I wanted you to have a little memory so the several months were somewhat bearable. I still have the 'ring' you made for me on our one year anniversary. Well, if you call it a ring. I remember giving you a promise ring and you felt bad for not having anything so you took grass and flowers, twining them into a ring. I'm surprised it hasn't fallen apart yet! I still wear it, just for a smile :) Do you still wear the promise ring? Probably not, it's only been a year or so since I gave it to you! The promise still stands though! I'll love through everything, whether you do or not.

  Tour is amazing, the crowds are amazing! Definitely loud! If I didn't have an ear piece, I'd go deaf! I'll never make you mad because girls screaming. Goodness. And yes, I remember what had happened. My leg is still in pain. I can dance and goof off on stage like normal but it still hurts. I do it for the fans though. My craziness seems too entertain them. It always did you anyways. Is it possible to send kisses through a letter? If so, I'm sending you ten thousand kisses! Weird I know, but hey! That's how we work!

  It's raining right now, the sky is thundering and I wish you were here. We're only a couple of hours away from you but Paul won't let me go out this late. I wish I could, I know how terrified you are of storms. Just pretend I'm there, holding you to my chest. Pressing kisses to your shoulder and singing softly into your ear. It always relaxed you and honestly, having you near me relaxed me.

  Despite the lightning, I still wish I could run outside. Our first kiss. I probably sound more cheesy when I say it was magical. It was the moment I realized I love you. Of course I felt it before but in that moment, I knew it was true and nothing could break it. That's the smile rain brings to my face. We danced, ran and splashed each other. I wish I had known that's the night everything would be crystal clear. I would have been anxious for the day to arrive. We were drenched weren't we? You got a cold afterwards...sorry!

    Your mother was ferocious with me! That cold kept getting worse and I kept blaming myself for each minute you got weaker.  I still don't understand how you ended up in the hospital. I can't understand how a night in the rain caused so much stress and sadness. It was a few months ago, I'm happy you're better. Well, it's late and I'm getting tired. It'd explain how my already horrid writing is even worse. I love you so much baby girl and write me back soon! Love you ♥


Your's Forever,

              Hazza xx

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