Neverland // H.S

Annamarie dreamed every night of living in her own personal neverland. A place where nothing could hurt her, a place where she would be happy. Forever, but that's a fantasy. Nobody can live forever and Annamarie soon learns the truth to the statement. When she meets Harry, she believes he's like her own little dream. Somebody to make her smile when nobody else could. When he's on tour, problems erupt and her dreams begin falling. Watch as both lovers go on to try and create a perfect life for them both.


6. Neverland : Six


   Dear Annie,


   Spaghetti, what did I expect? You always did have a craze for that stuff. You and Niall are so similar when it comes to food interests. Also, the leaves mean...well, I don't know. It was just kind of a spur of the moment thing. I just thought they were beautiful, so whenever I look at them, I think of you. Cheesy? Oh well, you know I'd do anything for you babygirl. Now let's not think about Caleb, he's in the past. Hospitals are in the past, let's focus on the present and on our future.

   Anyways, we just had our concert at Croke Park! You wouldn't believe how excited Niall was! He said he wished you could be there...I'm trying to control my jealousy. Trying.  

   You know how I get, oh and your school ends soon, right? Babe, I don't care what you say but I'm flying you out! I can't stand not seeing you now, but knowing you have time off and still not seeing you would absolutely destroy me.

   Anyways, I know this is short but we have to go to record our new album. I love you so fucking much babygirl.


Yours Forever,

   Hazz xx

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