Neverland // H.S

Annamarie dreamed every night of living in her own personal neverland. A place where nothing could hurt her, a place where she would be happy. Forever, but that's a fantasy. Nobody can live forever and Annamarie soon learns the truth to the statement. When she meets Harry, she believes he's like her own little dream. Somebody to make her smile when nobody else could. When he's on tour, problems erupt and her dreams begin falling. Watch as both lovers go on to try and create a perfect life for them both.


4. Neverland : Four


   Dear Annie,


   Where the hell does this guy live? He tried to, and he has a girlfriend? Maybe you shouldn't have told me because I'm so angry right now. I swear when I get back, he won't have a pretty little face anymore. I'm sorry if I'm scaring you baby girl but you know how I feel about things like that. I don't want anything bad to happen to you and if something did, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I would feel like it's my fault. I do stupid things sometimes because I love you and I want to protect you. I know when I'm angry, I don't exactly act like I'm the most loving person but just know my heart is always there. You captured it and I'll never let it go. Okay, so enough of him. We'll focus on him when I'm back. 

  Okay, onto what happened to you. Why didn't you ever tell me angel? You kept ALL of this to yourself! I bet it must have absolutely killed you. I can't handle my emotions very well, and babe you're even worse. No offense but we both know it's true. I can't believe they would ever physically hurt you. I'd make them regret doing what they did if I could but they're girls and it's wrong. Wait, is that why you have a small scar at the very top of your forehead? You always cover it with your hair but I never knew why. I just can't believe you dealt with this since sixth grade! That means you had to put up with shit you didn't need to for seven, or eight years. Do you even know how many days that is? No, seriously do you? Hold on, my phone has a calculator. BLOODY HELL! THAT'S JUST BENEATH THREE THOUSAND DAYS! Aw, babe. I feel awful for you.

  You don't deserve any of the hate you've gotten. Not from anybody. People at school, so called friends, or directioners. Sadly, I can't stop them from sending hate but I want you to know one thing/ What they say about you is irrelevant. It doesn't matter and their opinion of you doesn't impact how I or any of your true friends feel about you. Babe, you could send a knife through my heart and I'd still be chasing after you, begging you to stay. It's what you do to me. Something I can't explain. Just know people care. Louis does. Liam does. Zayn does. Niall a little to much, but he still cares none the less. SO many people. Luke, Ashton, Calum, Michael, Josh, Perrie, Sophia, Eleanor, even Paul. Even if he treats you more like a daughter, he cares. Let me think of more people. Jesy, Jade, LeighAnne. You have so many people and you'll never be alone. I promise. I may not be there with you physically but I'll always be with you emotionally, mentally.

  One more thing before I end this letter. If ANYBODY tries laying even a damn fingernail on your precious skin, I don't care whats going on in your life, you fly/drive out to wherever the boys and I are! I have a stash of emergency money in my bedroom, it's in my sock drawer but if they even threaten to hurt you, you take that money and you come out to me! I'll deal with school work and everything later but knowing you're safe is my most important priority. Okay? I love you baby girl. So, so much!


Yours Forever,

  Hazza xx


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