Neverland // H.S

Annamarie dreamed every night of living in her own personal neverland. A place where nothing could hurt her, a place where she would be happy. Forever, but that's a fantasy. Nobody can live forever and Annamarie soon learns the truth to the statement. When she meets Harry, she believes he's like her own little dream. Somebody to make her smile when nobody else could. When he's on tour, problems erupt and her dreams begin falling. Watch as both lovers go on to try and create a perfect life for them both.


5. Neverland : Five


Dear Hazz,


   Harry, please don't do anything idiotic. Otherwise, don't do anything at all. Last time you tried to keep me safe, I ended up in the hospital. Remember? God, that night is carved into my mind and it's impossible to forget. I know you think it's your fault because it was cold and all but Harry, trust me when I say it was mine. If I wouldn't have gone to Caleb to prove that I could live without you, you wouldn't have come after me. You wouldn't have taken me to the park in hopes of proving that you're the better one. You wouldn't have taken me to the park to protect from who I didn't know Caleb was. If I wouldn't have been so immature and careless, I wouldn't have ended up like that.

  Harry, as for somebody doing something to hurt me. I can fend for myself. I understand you want to be the one to save me and keep me safe but face it. We're so far apart that there's nothing you can do. I know about the money and all but I can't just pack up and leave everybody behind. I have friends and family as well and I can't abandon them because of one ass.

  Anyways, let's divert from a touchy subject. I saw your new tattoos, wish I could have been there. Just one question, what the hell do the leaves mean? I love you but you make some wacky decisions! Not that their not hot as hell, trust me they are! Oh, and the tattoo on your thigh! Nice! I've been thinking of getting a small type of tattoo. I don't know, something small and personal. Maybe on my wrist? What do you suggest?

  I don't know how you can have so many tattoos! Don't they hurt like hell? Wow, here I am babbling about how much they must hurt when you would know better. I mean you have like two hundred tattoos! Dear God...

   Well, my moms making spaghetti so I have to end this short. You know it's my favorite food ;)

  Love you SOO much babe ♥



                                                                             Yours Always,

                                                                                  Annamarie x

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