The Final Level

The LiveNet is somewhere where everyone is free. A free-for-all virtual internet that gives you access to everywhere in your dreams. The original game is fun, but oh so easy. So, the hackers (or Modders) take information from the LiveNet and modify it- turning it into their own reality that anyone can play.

Hazel is a hardcore female gamer. She's been playing on the LiveNet for 4 years. You're only allowed to get the LiveNet Suit when you're 12 and at least 5'2. At 16, she's been through every LiveNet level and most of the Mods. She finds a new mod- Shockdream- that looks interesting. Her 2 only friends in the LiveNet go with her. They realize that it's a difficult mod; one of the hardest they've been through. At the final level, they see thousands of people. They're stuck and they can't escape the mod.

And Hazel is the only one who can help everyone escape.


2. Welcome to the LiveNet

-4 years Earlier-

"MOM!" I screamed.

"What is it?" She asked.

"I GOT IT ! I GOT IT I GOT THE SUIT!!" I shrieked. I hauled the suit in the door with me and set it on the table. It was in a box about the size of my forearm. Inside was a full-body, Nylon suit with goggles, some gloves, and a helmet. I had been saving up for this particular suit for a year.

"That's nice," she said passively. I frowned and took the box into my room.

"This is it, Hazel. " I said to myself. "The moment you've been waiting for for years."

I tore open the box. The Suit lay there. I squealed and immediately put it on. It covered my whole body, little wires that you could barely tell were there circulated throughout the Suit. I sighed and slipped on the gloves. I decided to sit in my chair as I put on the helmet. I reached up and pressed the Power button.

I felt the Suit warm up almost immediately. It felt about 70 degrees- very neutral. The only reason the Suit covered your whole body is so that you could physically feel if it was cold, hot, and if the clothes you were wearing were heavy or not. I felt earplugs enter my ears comfortably , and something prick my skin just above my ears. I winced ... And it turned on.

I saw the start screen. It was a bunch of white, conjoined circles on a blue, starry looking background. I spun around , but I didn't in real life. It was amazing. I was standing on a platform in the middle of ... Nowhere. I stuck my foot out- and another platform caught my foot right before I nearly lost balance. I stepped on it and it held both of my feet. I took another step, then another, and cold, steely platforms caught my foot every time. I decided to try running. At first I walked faster towards the circles, then I broke into a sprint. The platforms still caught me, no matter how fast I went. I reached the circles, and took a step. A much more elevated platform caught my foot- and I realized that it was a staircase. I flew up the staircase until I reached the circle on top. Its interior was glowing now, and I dove into the LiveNet.

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