The Final Level

The LiveNet is somewhere where everyone is free. A free-for-all virtual internet that gives you access to everywhere in your dreams. The original game is fun, but oh so easy. So, the hackers (or Modders) take information from the LiveNet and modify it- turning it into their own reality that anyone can play.

Hazel is a hardcore female gamer. She's been playing on the LiveNet for 4 years. You're only allowed to get the LiveNet Suit when you're 12 and at least 5'2. At 16, she's been through every LiveNet level and most of the Mods. She finds a new mod- Shockdream- that looks interesting. Her 2 only friends in the LiveNet go with her. They realize that it's a difficult mod; one of the hardest they've been through. At the final level, they see thousands of people. They're stuck and they can't escape the mod.

And Hazel is the only one who can help everyone escape.


4. Welcome to My Friends

I woke up to see the last scattered stars displayed across a dawning sky. The sun was just rising in the east. I remembered that I needed to get online today, to check out the ShockDream mod with Alex and Jay. I sat up and stretched my arms out. I licked my parched lips and stood up, just to see someone walking down my alleyway. People usually knew me around here, but I had never seen the man in front of me, heading my way with an insane glint in his eye. I went into fight-or-flight mode. I could possibly run around him, but that would leave my Suit for him to get. I sure wasn't gonna let him have it. 

He didn't have a weapon on him. That meant that I actually had a chance. He approached me and went to punch me, but I ducked and elbowed him in the gut. He doubled over for a moment, and I elbowed him on the head, making him fall to the floor. I kicked him in the head twice, and he was out. I dragged him into my hiding place and tied him to the chair with a few ropes I had found. 

I waited a good twenty minutes before he woke up. 

"Who are you?" I asked. He was disoriented and woozy, so I waited a moment before he replied. 

"I ain't tellin you shi-" 

" I SAID WHO ARE YOU!" I screamed as I walked over to him and choked him a little. 

"Alright! Alright I'll tell ya. I was just lookin for a little treat," he said as he eyed me up and down. I couldn't tell if he meant cannibalism or rape.

"Whatever, old man. I'm gonna untie you, nice and easy. You make one wrong move and I will kill you. Understand?" I asked. 

"Yeah, yeah, " he said. I walked over and untied him slowly. He didn't put up any trouble, so I led him out and made him go away. 

What a weirdo.  


I unboxed my suit and ran back into my hiding place. I got the gloves, helmet, all that and went through the procedure of entering the LiveNet. I entered the Mall and pulled up my Friends screen. They were both on, again. I teleported to the Mall, CYOC  section they were in and found them trying on ridiculous hairstyles and bodily features. 

"What are you even doing?" I asked. Jay turned around to face me. Well, I thought it was Jay. He had hair past the floor complete Rapunzel style, and a purple dress to match. He also had a super-macho mustache and a unibrow.   

I burst out laughing and practically started crying. Yep, that was definitely Jay. I looked up and saw Alex inspecting himself in the mirror. He was actually super hot looking. He had dark brown hair and hazel eyes, dominant cheekbones and smooth, tan skin that was perfectly clear. He was shirtless and was only wearing some jeans. He noticed me staring through the mirror and winked at me. 

"Lookin' good there Amyzel! Not as good as me, though," he said as he turned around. I turned around, flustered. It's just Alex. Why am I blushing? 

"Ha you wish. I don't have to be shirtless to make your pants drop," I remarked. He nodded, as if to say Nicely done, Amyzel. You win this round. 

"Yeah ok ya'll are pretty sexy, but I mean have you seen me?" Jay said, hitching up his dress a little to reveal thick ankles. "Tee-hee!" 

Both Alex and I bust out laughing at that one. After a good 5 minutes of trying to imitate his 'Tee-hee', We were all sitting against the wall talking. 

"Okay let's do a competition. A fashion show, of sorts. Amyzel goes in there and finds the worst outfit she can and model it for us. Jay and I will score it. Then she goes back in and finds the sexiest outfit, models it, and we score it. Then Jay goes in and does the same thing, and Amyzel and I score it, alright?" Said Alex after a moment of silence. 

"Yepparoni," said Jay. I nodded and stood up. I walked into the dressing room and hit the panel on the wall. Up popped a little model of me. I began to chose my new character. 

I had gone for a huge afro, bad acne skin, a unibrow, sideburns, huge sunglasses, a super flowy shirt and huge bell bottom jeans, and platform shoes that I could hardly walk in. 

I walked out with a fake fashionista look on my face, and a hand on my hip. Alex saw me first and whistled. 

"Gorgeous! Strut that stuff!" he called and Jay began to pretend to barf. I laughed and nearly tripped. "Okay, don't hurt yourself. Go back in for sexy time," Alex said. I rolled my eyes and walked back into the Customize room. 

I chose pale-ish skin, just for the affect. I had long, beautifully curled light brown hair and flawless eyebrows. I put on makeup to make my skin look gorgeous and clear. Bright red lipstick was applied to make my face stand out. I only had on a white, lacy bra and a white lingerie that strapped down to my solid white, high heeled shoes. I looked at myself for a moment more, and stepped out. 

Their eyes nearly popped out of their heads and their jaws hit the floor. They eyed me up and down as I looked at the floor, and my eyes flicked up to them sexily. I walked over to them and kept Alex's gaze. 

I knew that this game was mine, but it was still fun to seduce men. 

"Oh, God Hazel, " said Alex as I bent down and took his head in my hand. 

"So.. Do I win the game?" I said as I sat down right in front of him, on his lap. He nodded vigorously and I stroked his face. " What about you, Jay?" I asked as I stood back up and deliberately turned around before sashaying over to Jay. I bent down again towards him. "What do you say?" 

"Y-Yeah, you win. Definitely," He said as he eyed me up and down.

"Good. 'Cuz I'm tired of these freakin shoes," I said as I turned back into my old self. I took them off and walked back into the Customization room. I decided to alter my appearance a little . 

I left my hair down, it was still blonde, though. I also changed the dip-dye color to purple. I added a few freckles on my nose and put on some comfortable, yet quality armor that I had in my inventory. You could equip almost anything that wasn't armor. You had to buy armor, swords, all that stuff. You could also find them in games though. 

I walked back out and say Jay back to his normal self. Alex looked quite a bit different. He had changed his hair color to dark brown, and his eyes were hazel again. He had on armor that i think he got from Revival of the Damned. Revival of the Damned used to be a popular game, until the Games sector released the Retro section. 

"You guys ready for that mod? What was it, ShockWave? Shock-" 

"Shockdream , my little grasshopper. " said Alex in reply to me. I nodded. 

"Jay, you ready?" I asked. He nodded. 

"Cool. Let's go," Alex said. "Take my hands, we'll co-transport. "

I grabbed Alex's hand, and in a few moments the world dissolved into pixels. 


I was standing on a platform. Not a steel one, but a ragged, obsidian one. There was a bunch of lava beneath us, and a black sky above us. I was still holding Alex's hand, I realized. I quickly let go and we saw what had materialized up ahead. 

A huge, obsidian sculpture that read ShockDream loomed ahead. I stepped out and another obsidian platform caught my foot. We all ran ahead. We stopped just before the Enter portal. 

"You guys ready? This one looks pretty high-class," Alex said. 

"Yeah, I guess. I just wanna get to the Final Level, though. Defeat the boss, get new armor. " said Jay. 

"Me too. I don't want to have to go through a bunch of quests. We could just hack in to the last level." I said. Alex nodded. 

"Alright. Team Amyzel, Jay-nerd, and Sandman Go!" He said as he diapered into the portal. 


I followed. 

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